60+ Unique Mother's day gift ideas

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Unique Mothers day gift ideas

As you know, this year's Mother's Day is fast approaching, so it is time to decide what gift you can give your mother on this special day. Treating her in the best way possible on this day that celebrates everything she stands for is essential.

It is hard to put into simple words how great your mother is. She is there for you to support and guide you through whatever hardships you are going through. She takes care of you when you are sick, not caring about getting sick herself. She can be seen prioritizing your needs even if she is sick.

It is essential to say thank you to your mother occasionally for everything that she does for you. What better day is there to show how grateful you are for her than Mother's Day? Celebrate her life and show her your gratitude for everything she does for you on this day by giving her the perfect, unique Mother’s Day gift that she is sure to love.

Mother's Day Gift


Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Mother

Giving your mother unique, thoughtful, and the best gifts for Mother's Day is essential. You should give her the most valuable and best gifts that can fill her heart with joy and love for you. Also, aim to provide her with the things that can be useful daily.

You could gift your mother her favorite book, jewelry, a dress that she has been meaning to buy for a long time, or even gardening items if that is her favorite hobby. Depending on her favorite hobby, you can sign her up for a cooking class, music or instrument class, wine-tasting club if she is a wine lover, or even a painting class. You can also make her DIY gifts like portraits, cards, or craft items she will treasure forever.

In this article, we give you 60 unique and best Mother's Day Gifts to refer to if you need clarification. If you are looking for a gift you can give your mother on her special day, read on.

Traditional Gift Ideas For Your Mother on Mother’s Day

Even though they may not be a unique gift idea, traditional gifts are practical Mother’s Day gifts that can make your mother joyful on this special day. Some suggestions for traditional gifts you can give your mother on Mother’s Day are discussed below.

1. Flowers

Who doesn’t love getting a bouquet of beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers? If you didn’t have time to get a pre-planned gift for your mother on Mother’s Day, you could get her a beautiful bouquet that she would love. You can also attach a small card or note to the bouquet that briefly expresses how much your love her.

Mother’s Day

Good Housekeeping

2. Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Another traditional gift idea she’ll love is a classic Mother’s Day gift basket. You can pick a theme for the gift basket based on your mother’s interest. If she is a foody, you can make her a gift basket containing her favorite food items, snacks, chocolates, etc. If your mom is into beauty products, you can make a gift basket that includes all her favorite beauty products of her favorite brands. If your mom is into jewelry, you can make a gift basket that contains a necklace, ring, earrings, etc.

Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Reader’s Digest

Similarly, you can prepare a gift basket based on her favorite interest. You can also make her a gift basket by including different kinds of items that she will like. There are also pre-set gift baskets that you can buy from craft or gift stores and other online platforms.

3. Mother’s Day Cards

Another traditional item you can gift your Mother this Mother’s Day is a Mother’s Day Card. You can make a card on your own or buy one from a store or an online shopping platform. Cards are great and one of the best gifts that can help you express how much you love your mom and make up for all the times you may have failed to express your love and gratitude for her.

Mother’s Day Cards

Paperless Post

If you are into making DIY cards, you can find many websites and video tutorials to make various cards. If you want to buy one, you can choose from a wide range of cards available on Amazon, Etsy, etc., exclusively for Mother’s Day. Free printable card designs are available on many websites, which is also an excellent way to make a Mother’s Day card.

Useful Gift Ideas For Your Mother on Mother’s Day

Gifting your mother useful items on Mother’s Day is a great gift you can give her. There are many useful gifts that are also very unique that you can buy for your mom, grandmother, or mother-in-law.

4. Customized Mug

You can get your mother a customized mug with her picture or a picture of you with her. This is a great and sweet gift that you can give her, which is also very useful. You can help bring a smile to her face every morning during her cup of coffee by seeing the mug.

Customized Mug

Personalization mail

5. Favorite Book or Book Series

Another useful gift idea your mom will love if given on Mother’s Day is her favorite book or book series. If your mom is into reading, there may be a book or series she likes or has been waiting to read for a long time. In that case, buying them may be the best gift you can give on Mother’s Day. If she already owns her favorite book or book series, you can buy her its first edition, vintage version, hard copy, etc., which she will love.

Favorite Book


6. Aromatic Shower Streamer Set

Who doesn’t like to set up a bath and spend some relaxing time in it? Your moms will also enjoy a nice bath to relax after completing the daily household chores or her work. Help her have an aromatic time in the tub by gifting her an Aromatherapy Shower Streamer Set with different scents you think she will enjoy.

Aromatic Shower Streamer Set


7. Portable Bath Spa

If your mom is a person who likes drawing baths often for her to relax, another useful gift that you can give her on Mother’s Day is a Portable Bath Spa. Getting her this item will let her have a good bath wherever she travels, which is the ultimate gift for anyone who enjoys drawing a bath regularly.

Portable Bath Spa


8. Ultra-plush Neck Wrap

Another gift you can include in the useful gift ideas for your mom on Mother's Day is an Ultra-plush Neck Wrap; some even come with a heating pad. This gift can help her have better leisure time by giving the best support and relaxation for her neck after a busy day. She can also carry her Ultra-plush Neck Wrap while traveling and avoid neck pain.

Ultra-plush Neck Wrap


A neck wrap with heating pads can significantly help your mother with frequent neck pains. Such heating pad neck wraps let your mom choose the temperature she prefers to comfort her sore upper body parts.

9. Portable Hand Warmer

Portable Hand Warmers are a great gift for someone who likes using them often. If your mother is such a person, a portable hand warmer is a handy gift that you can give your mom. She can use these hand warmers wherever she goes or inside the house, especially in winter, to keep her hand warm and comfortable.

Portable Hand Warmer

Gear Junkie

Portable hand warmers are also said to relieve aching muscles or joint pains. So if your mom experiences any such issues, she can use these unique gifts to ease the pain and stay healthy.

10. Dewy Cleanse + Hydrate Duo

Buying your mother a dewy ‘cleanse and hydrate’ combo pack is one useful Mother's Day gifts. Purchasing this combo pack from a good brand is an incredible hack to cleanse and hydrate her skin and give it the glow she deserves.

Portable Hand Warmer


11. Apple AirPods Pro

We all love listening to music in our free time and while working or doing other tasks to soothe ourselves. This is also the case for mothers, so gifting her an Apple AirPods Pro on Mother’s Day is a great and useful gift idea. She can listen to her favorite songs and enjoy music while doing chores around the house, traveling to work, or during her free time, making Apple AirPods Pro the ultimate gift for your music-loving Mother.

Apple AirPods Pro


12. Faux Leather Tote

There is no mom in the world that does not enjoy a nice tote bag to carry with her wherever she goes. So, buying her a faux leather tote is good and is one of useful Mother’s Day gifts. Buy one, preferably of her favorite color, and your mother will be the happiest woman on that day if she is a massive fan of faux leather tote shoulder bags.

Leather Tote


13. Towel Pillow Case

Does your mother have the habit of bathing before she goes to sleep? Then a great useful gift you can get your mother this Mother’s Day is a Towel Pillowcase. They are perfect pillow covers to help dry her hair overnight.

Pillow Case


14. Weighted Blanket

Is your mother someone who has trouble sleeping, or is someone who considers sound sleep very important? Then get her a Weighted blanket that can put her into rest mode immediately when used. A weighted blanket can also help reduce anxiety symptoms and help avoid quickening heart rate, breathing, etc. So, overall, a weighted blanket can calm your mother and help her have a good night’s rest after a stressful and busy day.

Weighted Blanket

First for women

15. Portable Charger

A portable Charger is a gift item that is useful for everyone. So, it sure is a useful gift idea that you can get for your mother this Mother’s Day. She can carry a portable charger or power bank wherever she goes, which will be useful, especially if she fails to charge her phone before leaving the house.

Portable Charger


16. Wood Burn Cutting Board

Cooking is a daily house chore most mothers have to do, and cutting vegetables, meat, etc., is a part of the cooking process. So, giving your mother a good wood burn cutting board will be a handy gift for her on Mother’s Day. Many wood burn cutting boards are available online with unique designs that look great.

Wood Burn Cutting Board


17. Cookbook Recipe Bookmark

If your mother is into cooking, she may be a person who refers to cookbooks often to make you and your family a variety of dishes. So, a useful gift you can give her this Mother’s Day is a unique-looking Cookbook Recipe Bookmark to find the recipe she marked to make next quickly.

Cookbook Recipe


18. Vintage Jewellery Storage

There is hardly any mother that does not enjoy good jewelry. So, a valuable yet unique gift idea for your mother this Mother’s Day is a vintage jewelry storage box that lets her store all her pieces beautifully. There are various vintage jewelry storage boxes available in stores and online platforms from which you can select one that looks beautiful and will serve the purpose in the best possible way.

Vintage Jewellery Storage


19. Greeting Card Organizer

Is your mother someone who likes to treasure every greeting card she ever received on different holidays? Then you can help her to store them well by getting her a beautiful greeting card organizer. This is a useful yet unique gift idea for your mother on Mother’s Day.

Greeting Card Organizer


20. Sweet Smelling Candle

Mothers love keeping the house beautiful and giving it a positive and calm atmosphere. You can help your mother do that more by gifting her sweet-smelling candles for Mother’s Day. She can make the house smell great with them, especially on special occasions. You can even customize them by including Mother’s Day quotes or particular messages for your mother that say how much you love her.

Smelling Candle


21. Flowery Fabric Pillow

Your mother must get enough rest after dealing with household matters or returning from her job. You can get her a beautiful-looking flowery fabric pillow to ensure that she rests well and to make her look forward to sleeping after her tedious work. It is a beneficial yet unique and personalized gift idea for your mother to give her on Mother’s Day.

Flowery Fabric Pillow


22. Women’s Pajamas

Gifting your mother one or a couple of Women’s pajamas or similar everyday wear is a useful gift idea for her this Mother’s Day. Giving her pajamas will make your mother understand how much you care for her comfort and how important it is for you that she relaxes well. If she is a new mom with a young kid like you, you can also get a Mother-Daughter pajama set so you can match your mother.

Women’s Pajamas

For Daughter

23. Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Another useful gift idea to give your mother on Mother’s Day is a Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer. This great gift idea lets your mother print any mobile pictures she wants anytime. That way, she can print all her favorite images and keep them as hard copies if your mother likes to save photos physically.

Mobile Photo Mini Printer


24. Dry-Erase Message Board

Does your mother like leaving paper or sticky notes for you and your family whenever she goes somewhere or to work? Then getting a Dry-Erase message board for your mom this Mother’s Day is a beneficial gift idea. There are even creative-looking dry-erase message boards available to buy online which can also look prettier while bearing your mother’s beautiful handwriting.

Dry-Erase Message Board


25. Canvas Embroidery Hoops

If your mother’s favorite hobby is embroidery, one useful gift you can give her this Mother’s Day is Canvas Embroidery hoops. They are readily available to buy in many craft stores and online stores. Giving canvas embroidery hoops as gifts will also help her know that you are a huge fan of her embroidery works, encouraging her to take her hobby more seriously.

Canvas Embroidery Hoops


Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Mother on Mother’s Day

Buying your mother personalized gift items for her on Mother’s Day is a great gift idea. You can get her items she has been looking to buy for a long time or customized items she’ll love.

26. Personalized Sweatshirt

Gifting your mother a personalized sweatshirt is a great gift idea for her this Mother’s Day. There are a lot of websites, firms, and fashion stores that accept commissions to make personalized sweatshirts. You can ask them to do unique designs relevant or relatable to your mother or include pictures of you or your whole family with your mother on the sweatshirt.

Personalized Sweatshirt

Pawfect House

27. Actual Handwriting Bracelet

Another great personalized gift idea for your mother on Mother’s Day is a bracelet with your or your family’s handwriting. You can easily find firms or websites that make you customizable actual handwriting bracelets. This great personal gift will remind your mom of the family she loves whenever she sees or wears the bracelet.

Actual Handwriting Bracelet


28. Heart Photo Collage

You can gift your mother a heart photo collage with different pictures of you and your family with your mother. This gift item can help you and your family cherish the great moments you spent with your mom forever. Many art stores can make this customizable gift item. You must find a good one and give the pictures you want to include in the collage to make this personalized gift item for your mom.

Heart Photo Collage

365 Canvas

29. Digital Picture Frame

Another personalized gift idea to give your mother for Mother’s Day is a digital picture frame. The conventional photo frame can only display a single picture or a collage of not more than two pictures. But, a digital picture frame can display all the images in a camera memory card you inserted. So, your mom can view many photos of memorable moments with the help of a digital picture frame when plugged in.

Digital Picture Frame

Home Life

30. Photo Embellished Candles

Another personalized gift idea for your mother on Mother’s Day, which is also a unique idea, is a photo-embellished candle. You can find many websites that can make customized photo-embellished candles for your mom on Mother’s Day. This is a beautiful and unique gift that she will treasure forever.

Photo Embellished Candles


31. Framed Butterfly Family Tree

There is no mom in the world who does not like to have an occasional peek at her family photos and remember her favorite memories of when all those pictures were taken. For someone like that, there is no better-personalized gift than setting up a framed butterfly family tree that is also excellent home decor that can increase the beauty of your house.

Framed Butterfly Family Tree


32. Family Kitchen Artwork

A kitchen is a place where moms spend a lot of time in. So, customizing your kitchen the way she likes with heartwarming artwork can be a great personalized gift you can give her on Mother’s Day. You can set up beautiful artwork or kitchen decor that you are sure your mom will like to make the place attractive.

Family Kitchen Artwork


33. Personalized Serving Tray

Gifting your mother a personalized serving tray is another great gift idea for her on Mother’s Day. You can give the commission to make a customized serving tray that includes family photos, quotes, and similar things to communicate the love and affection you and your family share for your mom. This serving tray will also be helpful for her to serve food items, drinks, or desserts when guests visit your house.

Personalized Serving Tray


34. Jewelry

Is your mom really into jewelry like chains, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.? Then the perfect personalized gift for your mother on her special day is jewelry. If she has been looking to buy a particular jewelry piece for a while, you can get her that one this Mother's Day. This perfect personalized gift is something she’ll love.



35. Glass Propagation Station Planter

Is your mom into gardening or doing home decor using plants? Then a personalized and useful gift that you can give your mother on Mother’s Day is a glass propagation station planter. It is a perfect glass tube that your mom can use to propagate baby plants. The glass propagation station planner is also great for displaying flowers, hydroponics plants, etc.

Best Mother’s Day


36. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Everyone likes to smell nice, so we carry pocket perfumes and deodorants. If your mom loves smelling nice wherever she goes, an Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet is a personalized gift you can give her on Mother's Day. The bracelet will slowly release a sweet scent throughout the day by applying essential oils of different aromas on the beads. This way, your mother can always smell nice without using perfume.

 Oil Diffuser Bracelet


37. Personalized Cushion:

Another great gift idea for your mom this Mother’s Day is a personalized cushion. You can include a picture of you with your mother or a family picture on a pillow which will make a perfect gift for your mother. If you live away from your mom, she can hug the cushion whenever she feels like hugging you, making her feel better.

Personalized Cushion


38. Photo Necklace

Another great personalized gift idea for your mom is to make a customized photo gold, silver, or rose-gold necklace with a family photo or a photo of you with your mother on its locket. This gift can be given to new moms or old moms alike. The photo necklace, thus, is an excellent gift with a personal touch that can steal your mom's heart.

Photo Necklace


39. Homesick Gone Hiking Candle

Is your mom a person who enjoys the scents of nature and going for occasional hikes in the woods? Then, getting a Homesick Gone Hiking Candle is a great personalized gift item you can give her this Mother's Day. The candle will fill your house with the sweet scents of pine, jasmine, sandalwood, rosebud, and even freshwater, making your mother feel surrounded by tall pines with moss underfoot.

Homesick Gone Hiking Candle


40. Metal and Glass Terrarium

If your mom is into decorating the house with decorative plants and flower vases, there is no better personalized and unique gift than metal and glass terrariums. This is a great home decor item to add beauty to your living space, and there is no better gift than this for a plant-loving mother.

Metal and Glass Terrarium

Better Homes and Gardens

41. Inspiring Quote Wall Art

Another personalized gift to give your mom this Mother's Day is an Inspiring Quote Wall Art. If she has a favorite famous personality, you can commission customized wall art with their inspirational quote. You can also customize wall art with an inspiring quote your mom may have said or a quote highlighting the importance of mothers.

Inspiring Quote Wall Art


42. Commission a Mother’s Day Portrait

Another great personalized gift idea to give your mom on Mother's Day is a portrait. You can commission art websites to do a portrait of her standing alone or with you or the family. She will surely love this great gift idea; it can also be a beautiful wall decor for your house.



43. Handprint Cutting Board

A unique and personalized gift idea for your mom on Mother's Day is a Handprint Cutting board. There are artsy websites that can scan your handprint and make a customized cutting board by etching the shape onto the board.

Handprint Cutting Board


44. Adorable Decorated Notebooks

Does your mother have the habit of noting down important things, dates, etc., on notebooks? Then, you can get her adorable decorated notebooks to make this habit of hers more interesting and colorful. This is a great personalized gift for your mother this Mother's Day.

gift for your mother


45. Customized Photo Magnets

Customized photo magnets are a great personalized gift idea for your mother on Mother's Day. You can commission them to make cute and fun photo magnets with pictures of you when you were younger or of cute family moments. Your mom will happily place them on the fridge to look at them often and feel contended.

personalized gift for your mother


DIY Creative Gift Ideas For Your Mother on Mother’s Day

There are many DIY gift ideas that you can make for your mom this Mother’s Day. All DIY gifts are the best gift ideas as you can give a personal touch to them and get involved in their creation. These are the kind of gifts you invest your time into making, and some of them might even remind her of the time she used to make gifts for her mother.

46. Handpainted Flower Pot

Is your mom a person who likes to decorate the house with small plants in beautiful pots and vases? Then you can add to her collection by gifting her a hand-painted flower pot that she’ll love. You can paint designs on a plain pot or use handprints or fingerprints to make patterns using bright and cheerful colors.

Handpainted Flower Pot

DIY Bazaar

47. Personalized Children’s Artwork Vase

A DIY gift idea to give a mom for Mother’s Day that a child can do is a Personalized Children’s Art Vase. This is an easy and cute DIY gift any child can easily make. Children can paint small butterflies or even fingerprint patterns using acrylic paint. Such a sweet gift can also be a great home decor piece to keep flowers on.

48. Crochet Owl Basket

Crochet Owl Basket is not only a cute gift but also a useful one that your mom can use to keep her essential items. After learning just a few basic crochet stitches, you can easily make a DIY Crochet basket. You can find video tutorials or steps from websites to make this cute gift item for your mother on Mother's Day.

Crochet Owl Basket

Better Homes and Gardens

49. Crochet Square Bag

Another DIY Crochet gift you can make for your mom this Mother's Day is a Crochet Square Tote Bag. You can view tutorials that explain how to make one easily on the internet, even with video explanations. If you are an advanced creator of this craft, you can also include cute designs on the bag to make it prettier. This is a great DIY gift idea that she can carry with her during grocery shopping.

Crochet Square Bag

Good Housekeeping

50. Crochet Scarf

Another DIY crochet gift idea is that you can make a simple and stylish scarf based on your mother’s style and color preferences for her wardrobe. She can brag about how the beautiful scarf was made for her by you whenever she wears it for work or when she goes out with her friends.

Crochet Scarf


51. Family Photo Vases

Another DIY gift you can give your mom this Mother's Day is a Family Photo Vase. You can buy transparent glass vases, jars, or bottles, print some family photos your mother likes, and paste or place these carefully inside them to make Family Photo Vases. Your mom will love this easy and creative DIY gift idea.

gift your mom

Better Homes and Gardens

52. Hand Painted Mugs

Hand Painted Mugs are a great DIY gift for your mother this Mother's Day. Like the customized mug personalized gift idea mentioned above, this gift can cheer your mom every morning while having her daily cup of coffee. You can buy a solid-colored ceramic mug and paint any patterns or designs using acrylic paints to make a hand-painted mug.

Hand Painted Mugs

Lia Griffith

53. DIY Leather Vase

Another unique and creative gift idea that you can gift your mother this Mother's Day is a DIY Leather Vase. If your mother likes decorating your house with small potted plants, this gift can help her make the home more decorative. You can make DIY Leather Vases with colorful leather sheets and a collection of rivets.

 Leather Vase

Better Homes and Gardens

54. Handmade Coupons

Handmade Coupons are a sweet and unique gift you can give your mom this Mother’s Day. This is a straightforward DIY gift idea that kids can make using simple craft items, crayons, and paper. The coupons can have exciting offers like a movie night or breakfast in bed that let her relieve herself from some work or get some alone time.

Handmade Coupons

Better Homes and Gardens

55. DIY Mother’s Day Card

In another DIY gift idea, making a DIY Mother’s Day card using watercolors is a simple and sweet gift you can make for your mother with hardly any difficulty. You can draw and paint patterns or designs on the card to make it beautiful. You can also include Mother’s Day wishes on it, along with writings and quotes that communicate how much you love her.

Mother’s Day Card


56. Message In A Jar

Another DIY gift idea to make and give your mother this Mother's Day is message-in-a-jar. You only need a beautiful jar and some good paper to make this gift. You can include messages communicating how much you love your mother and how grateful you are to her. You can also mention the sweet memories you have shared with her on the jar. Your mother can have a lovely time by reading these messages occasionally, making it one of the best Mother's Day gifts.

Message In A Jar


57. DIY Earrings

If your mother likes jewelry, especially earrings, another one among these easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts to make for your mother this Mother's Day is a pair of DIY Earrings. You can make beaded or terracotta earrings based on your mother's preference for colors that matches her wardrobe. You can also make bracelets or necklaces similarly based on what kind of jewelry she likes.

Mother’s Day gifts


58. Bake a Cake

Who doesn't enjoy a good cake, especially on special days and occasions? Surprising your mother by baking a cake in her favorite flavor is another lovely DIY gift idea for your mother this Mother's Day. She will not only enjoy the excellent cake but also will be extremely happy to think you spent quality time baking a decorating a cake for her.

Surprise gift your mother


59. Homemade Truffles

Is your mother a sweet tooth? Then instead of buying her a chocolate gift basket, you can make her homemade truffles this Mother's Day. Making them on your own is sure to make her proud and gives her a chance to enjoy the tasty truffles. You can also get plastic boxes, festive fabric, and candy cups to decorate and pack the truffles.

Homemade Truffles

Better Homes and Gardens

60. ‘What I Love About You’ Book

Another DIY idea among the best Mother’s Day gifts to fill your mother's heart with happiness and love is a self-made 'What I Love About You' Book. You can make a book with the number of pages you want or buy a decorative notebook from stores. You can then write everything you love about your mother and decorate the book to make it look beautiful.

Unique Mother's Day Gift

365 days of course


Mother’s Day is when your mother should feel more loved and cared for, and you can provide her with the best gifts to make her day. You can choose from countless options to get the perfect gift for her this day. In this way, show appreciation for the most special woman in your life. This article has articulated 60 thoughtful gift ideas perfect for making this Mother’s Day memorable for you and your mother. Show your love for her by picking the best gift idea from the list to give your mother on Mother’s Day.

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