Custom House Portraits
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in realistic (fine brush-work) or
painterly (thick brush-work) style.
All artworks are 100% hand
painted and painted by real artists.

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Sizes to suit all walls

Painting prices to suit all pockets

People / Pets Oil Portraits

Size 1 Subject 2 Subject 3 Subject 4 Subject Extra Subjects
8" X 6" $119
10" X 8" $119 $149
11" X 14" $149 $179
16" X 12" $149 $179 $209
20" X 16" $169 $209 $249 $289 $40
24" X 20" $209 $249 $289 $329 $40
30" X 24" $269 $309 $349 $389 $40
36" X 24" $309 $359 $409 $459 $50
40" X 30" $359 $419 $479 $539 $60
48" X 36" $419 $489 $559 $629 $70
72" X 48" $529 $639 $749 $859 $110

Landscape/House Oil Paintings

Size Price
16" X 12" $169
20" X 16" $219
24" X 20" $269
30" X 24" $329
36" X 24" $359
40" X 30" $409
48" X 36" $469
72" X 48" $579
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100% hand made with

No digital technology involved

  • turn a picture into a painting.0.0 1 Initial Sketching
  • photo into painting 2 Layers of Oil Paint
  • turn photo into oil painting 3 Intermediate Stage
  • convert pictures to paintings 4 Final Painting
...we spend countless hours to make sure you get the perfect portrait...
  • “This was my first time using Mavenart for turning an older photo into a beautiful work of art. I could not be happier with the overall experience. Anytime I reached out to customer service I got a timely and helpful reply. The finished artwork arrived as promised and was professionally packaged so there was no damage to the picture or the frame. I will use Mavenart in the future and I highly recommend them.”

    Patrick Floyd

  • “I must say they did a excellent job on the painting they did for us, the wife loved it as a surprise for our 31 anniversary. I had asked for a smaller size but they recommend the larger as to not lose a lot of detail in the painting I'm glad I took their advise. This will be in our family for years to come!!!!!!. ”

    Patricia Reynolds

  • “MavenArt is great! Highly recommend!
    I ordered an oil painting and got the painting after a few weeks, but I realized the package was damaged by Fedex, then the customer service helped me order another one with no extra cost.
    The painting quality is also very good!”

    Bo Yi

  • “The painting I received was fantastic. We had tragically lost our sweet puppy so I wanted something beautiful to remember her by. I thought I'd try a painting. I could not be happier with what I received. The artist captured her essence. Thank you so much for this treasure.”

    Shelli Cantine

  • “I have commissioned two separate pieces of art from this company, and have been totally satisfied with the outcome. The second order took longer because I provided a less than satisfactory photo to work from. They worked with me as long as needed to get the final product right. Shilpi has been my contact throughout both orders, and is right on top of everything. Both recipients just love the paintings, and I can't recommend this company enough!”

    Debbie Lane

  • “I am so happy to have one of our wedding photos captured as a painting - it makes the memory even more timeless. Excellent communication and easy process. Extremely happy with final product and would highly recommend Mavenart's services.”

    Daphne Huber

  • “I submitted a photo to have a painting done for Mothers Day. Received a follow up email a few days after to confirm everything. The painting turned out great my wife absolutely loved it. I would highly recommend using their service if your looking for a special gift for someone. ”

    Michael Bowman

  • “ Is the best painter in the world. Very highly skilled in their craft. I highly recommend to use this company if your looking for a painting. I got the thickbrushwork oil painting done and absolutely loved the results. Thank you for the painting greatest present I could give to my love. ”

    Ken Reese

  • “Beautiful work. Maveart took my photo and made a beautiful canvas oil painting. I highly recommend them. Thank you”

    Doreen Bushaw

  • “We gifted our parents a painting of my dog who had just passed and it came in perfect condition. Absolutely beautiful work! So so happy with it. Definitely recommend.”

    Abbey Demers

  • “The painting came out perfect. Really surprised how well it was done! So excited that I’m planning on having another oil painting done. Such beautiful work! Thank you so much!”

    David Rothschild

  • “Seamless experience with a beautiful painting of our son for my wife’s first mother’s day. So happy with the results and can’t wait to get another one.”

    Dane Aloe

House Portraits From Photos

Do you want to create a lasting memory of your home? Whether you want an oil painting of your brand new home or your family home, the MavenArt team is here to assist. We offer top-quality oil painting services that can be easily accessed online.

When it comes to a custom home portrait, we understand that you’re looking for something that perfectly captures the warmth of your home. MavenArt does this and more!

When you order and submit your home’s photo at the MavenArt website, our global network of professional artists gets to work. Your artist will create your custom home portrait completely by hand - nothing is done digitally! You can rest assured that you’re receiving original and authentic house portraits from photos.

With our extensive knowledge of shading and lighting, we can ensure that your oil painting will beautifully capture the elegance of your home and the areas surrounding it. With the right elements of depth and perspective, we create an oil painting of the home of your dreams!

Quality house portraits from photos can be difficult to find, but with the MavenArt platform, you can get started by ordering and submitting your original photo online. Then, one of our artists will get to work. Once your artwork is complete, you’ll have the change to review your custom home portrait and request revisions, if needed. Within two weeks, you’ll receive your house portraits from photos.

You can begin the process today by clicking “Let’s Get Started”.

Let’s Get Started Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed