100+ Real Estate Closing Gifts for 2023

This entry was posted on June 28, 2022 by Shilpi Roy.


Who doesn’t like a gift? Especially when it’s a big and special moment of celebration for you. One such special moment is when you finally find your dream house. So, closing a real estate deal calls for a big celebration. What better way than to gift your client with a unique and warm gift as a memento of the moment. The gift not only represents your best wishes but also helps in maintaining a long and strong professional relationship. Let’s see the other tangible benefits of a closing gift which are mentioned below.

● Long term Relationship:

As mentioned above, the real estate closing gifts creates a sense of amiability with the client. It gives an indication to the client that you value them, and your service is aimed only at finding the right house for them.

● Better Client Retention:

Maintaining a good and cheap client retention method is hard to find. So, gifting a perfect closing gift memento acts like an inbuild client retention that will help you move up your business smoothly without spending more on client retention.

● Business Branding:

When the clients are happy and are impressed by your dedication and gestures, they give good feedback about your business. Word of mouth acts as a good branding for your real estate business.

● Repeat Business:

The gift boosts up the potential of a repeat business, where the client might sell, rent or plan to buy another house. When you maintain a good relationship with them, they will surely choose you again. After closing gift ideas for buyers, the way the realtor treats his or her clients leaves an everlasting impression on the clients.

● Stand Out from the crowd:

A real estate closing gifts makes you different from the crowd of other realtors. It symbolizes not only your dedication to your work but also a humble gesture towards the client.

● Show your appreciation:

In real estate business, there are millions of other realtors to choose from. On the other hand, with the help of technology, it's really easy to find your perfect home or any place of living. So, the best closing gifts show your appreciation for choosing your personal service and making and being loyal. It shows that the client is not just another meal for a realtor.

● Building mental anchors and positive memories:

Even a small flower sometimes can be powerful to anchor a good memory. Similarly, small closing gifts can link the clients mentally to your service and brand from the very moment they get the keys to their new home. That creates a powerful and strong emotion. The clients may not remember the financial costs incurred, but they will surely remember how you closed the deal.

● Online Reviews:

If you have your business online, getting good reviews will surely boost up your business. As a business dies and lives by their online customer reviews nowadays. To get the rare 5 stars, the best closing gifts fit the role perfectly.

What should be your perfect deal closing gift?

Now that we know a deal closing gift is a must, the next question what all boxes should your perfect closing gift check. Check the following criteria:

1) It should be Memorable:

The closing gifts should not just serve the purpose but also should be hard to forget. It should make them feel connected to their house and you.

2) It should remind them of your wonderful services:

Just glancing the closing gifts should remind them of all your hard work and your sincerity for finding the right house for the clients.

3) It should be everlasting or long-lasting:

The closing gifts should not perish with time. It should take at least the last few years. So, if you are thinking of a box of chocolates or cookies, it won’t last for long.

4) It should be for everyone:

They closing gifts should be easy to be used around everyone. So they have a story for the gift whenever any visitors ask about it after seeing it.

5) It should be relevant:

The real estate closing gifts should be relevant to your relationship with the clients and occasion. It should be something wishing them happy Christmas or New Year. You shouldn’t give them something that they will put away in a storeroom or even throw away.

6) It should be unique and remarkable:

The real estate closing gifts should not be a common showpiece. It should be unique and have a remarkable memory for them. It should get stuck in their minds.

7) It should be enjoyable:

The real estate closing gifts should not be a simple household item. It should be as simple as a toilet paper roll, hanger, or a picture frame. The gift should trigger happy and relaxed memories.


1) Customize it all -

gifts for realtors

It might be difficult for a real estate agent to understand and know the taste of clients. To overcome situations like these, you can use EvaBot that helps you remove the risk associated with guesswork. The website ensured that your client gets the best and preferred gift smoothly. All you have to do is, email your client that mentions your closing gifts and carbon copy to EvaBot. The EvaBot employees chat and converse with your clients, and based on the conversations; they will analyze the likes and dislikes of the clients. And accordingly, Eva will send them their customized and personalized present on their address. The price range can be chosen between $20 to $1000 by the sender. This service is like a blessing as it also provides a handwritten note and your brand name along with the present. Apart from real estate closing gifts, you can also send birthday gifts, holiday gifts, a housewarming gifts from a realtor, and more from Eva.

2) Framed Local Historic Maps -

realtors gifts

Gift ideas for clients, What other best way to make someone feel welcomed than to gift them a historical map. A real estate agent can use Maps of the past to check if the locality or city is available and can order a framed local historical map as a gift to clients. The map is the best way to make your clients feel familiar with the surroundings and quite useful and informative. Apart from city maps, the business also provides international and national maps, the old cities and new city and many more.

3) Gift a Subscription of Barkbox Dog Treat & Toy -

gifts for real estate agents

These real estate closing gifts are best for owners who have pets. As pet owners love and treat their pet as their own children, the best to show your affection and get on the good side of the pet owner is to gift something for their beloved pet. BarkBox sends pet treats and goodies every month. The goodies and snacks are delicious and hand made. The price range around $22 per box. In case the pet is not into treats, replacement of the gifts is also available. So, send one to your pet-loving client.

4) Spice the Kitchen Up -

closing gifts for buyers

If your clients are into cooking and love various spices and herbs, the hexagonal magnetic jars which start at $130 or a different stylish and trendy kitchen gadget is the perfect closing gifts for them. This shows your appreciation for their work. The trendy piece will add to the unique taste of the house of your client. One can also consider gifting a creative and designer spice rack, a beautiful blown glass bar set, handmade oil dispenser to display in their new kitchen. Every time they prepare a meal, they will remember you and sincere services. So, gifting special herbs and spices is also unique and thoughtful.

5) A Branded Merchandise from Inkhead -

real estate gifts

Branded merchandise is always a great way to get on the top list of your clients. However, it may seem to be an inappropriate gift as a real estate closing gift, as it is impersonal. But branded items always add to the gift basket as it can help the customer associate it with your services or your company. Inkhead offers customized promotional gifts and products such as journals, drinkware, golf products and equipment, and day planners, and many more. So, check the website out and choose your personalized promotional real estate closing gift. The prices vary from product to product.

6) Gift a Helping Hand -

closing gift ideas

Tim Kennedy, a loan originator from US Mortgage Corporation, always gifts a red-colored metallic toolbox. The box contains his name, contact information on the inside of the cover, and some basic tools such as work gloves, which cost around $50 to $75. This is actually a very special gift as one cannot get metal toolboxes from any of the local hardware stores. You can buy in bulk from any online website. This gift box is the biggest hit with the sellers’ agents, sellers, and of course, the buyers. Potential house buyers called him and referred him as the agent with red metal boxes.

7) A sketch or Portrait of the client’s new house -

closing gifts for sellers

The best way to celebrate the client’s new house is to gift them a portrait or sketch of it. They can hang or display the piece of art, which will generate local string leads. You can order at Mavenart and get your perfect sketch as a real estate closing gift. Check the site out and get your art piece in a few easy steps at affordable prices.

8) It is a Nest Thermostat -

gift for real estate agent etiquette

The prices of this product start from $169 to $249. Smart homes are in now, and its necessary, easy and affordable to convert ancient or old houses into a modern 21st-century house. The Nest Thermostat is awarded many prestigious technologies and design awards. The features of this gadget are its core components, which saved money on cooling and heating bills for a lot of people. The gadget is at a very affordable price and is ideal and a must for places with extreme weather. So, gift this as a real estate closing deal to your clients and enjoy the perks of it.

9) Gift a Scrapbook -

housewarming gift from realtor

The price of this unique gift idea for clients varies from order to order. The gift collects photos of various properties. The scrapbooking is then done. Sellers have lived in those very houses for many years, and Vistaprint takes the professional listing of photos and puts them together for the sellers to cherish the beautiful memories they created. So, upgrade the Real estate closing gift bar to another level.

10) Add to the Greenery - Potted Plants

closing gift for seller

The price of this closing gifts varies. Choosing this idea as your real estate closing gift can be both beneficial for your clients and the environment. Plants that be potted in-ground and interior greenery plants, both are a good idea. Your clients can create a new memory while potting your plant in their new backyard and can further add to the beauty of their house. You can order this green gift online at The Sill.

11) Gift a local coffee subscription along with cups -

closing gifts ideas

The best way to feel welcomed in a new area is to get the subscription of the nearby coffee shop. The CUPS app lets you get prepaid monthly coffee that the buyer can pick up from their local coffee shop every day in the morning. The subscription, which is prepaid, makes it easy for the buyer to stroll into the local coffee shop and just tap on their phones instead of waiting and paying. This closing gifts adds convenience and also saves time from the stressful and long moving line process. This is a great way for them to get out and explore the new neighborhood and get to know their new options. The prices of the subscription vary, and one can also order cards here as well.

12) Give the cheer gift -

gift for real estate agent

This may be a bit expensive as it includes wine, that too a fancy and unique tree of wine. Depending on the amount of your sale, you may choose to gift the fancy wine tree. The tree consists of a couple of nice wine bottles. The closing gifts are an excellent depiction of constant use and also is great for a housewarming party. The gift is classy and fancy with a tint of uniqueness. This gift can be scaled on the amount of commission a realtor receives from the sale. You can choose the wine bottles from your favorite vineyard, add few business cards for your referral and your closing gifts is ready.

13) Gift a memory - a fun and memorable local experience –

gift for realtor from client

The price of this gift card will vary from place to place and locality to locality. Instead of gifting something that might just sit on a shelf, you can go for more of gifting a memorable experience. Cloud 9 Living lets to various experience that you can gift your clients and can get them out of their comfort zone, which will create lifelong memories. The experiences can be local sightseeing, whale watching, skydiving, rock climbing, amusement park tickers, or hike in nature with a guide. All these activities will help to adjust better to the new environment and surroundings and will also give them some quality family time. You can choose the locality and gift the experiences to your clients as a real estate closing gift. The prices of this gift card vary.

14) Gift What the client wants –

gift ideas for realtor at closing

Gift ideas for clients, The best real estate closing gift can be the one which actually comes from the heart of the clients. The price of this gift may vary. Chuck Vosburgh from Nexthome Gulf to Bay, says that when a realtor works with his or her clients, he should look for clues and ask them random questions to understand their likings and needs and what they might prefer as the first gift for their new home.

15) Gift of Company: Share a meal -

realtor gifts for buyers

You can share a lunch or dinner meal with your client. Instead of an adrenaline-packed adventure, a simple gift card of nice local diner or restaurant will cheer the clients up. You can also ask the waiter to present a welcome to the neighborhood cake. Check the website OpenTable to buy and gift cards for local restaurants and diner in your area. The prices of the gift card vary.

16) Gift a consultation of an interior designer -

best gifts for real estate agents

When someone moves into a new house, it’s like a blank slate when it comes to decorating the house. For some, it may be procrastination or indecisive or really tiresome. So, to make it easy for them, as a real estate closing gift, you can gift them a consultation from a professional interior designer. An appointment with a talented interior decorator can be the best real estate closing gift. Check out Havenly’s, and the online team can help your clients choose the best fir for their new home.

17) Gift a Personalized Book Subscription -

perfect closing gift

As a real estate closing gift, you can give your clients a personalized book subscription. The price of such gift cards varies from $28.99 to $39.99. You can check your client's taste and their home if they have bookshelves or not. The one thing that book lover is to overstuff their bookshelves. Check out the website Coffee and a classic and choose your real estate closing gift.

18) Gift a picture frame for the Mantel -

realtor gift baskets

You can take a good picture of their new house from the perfect angle and frame it for the clients to put that frame above the mantel. The homeowners will love the house present and past. The picture frame will act as a reminder not only of their lovely house but also you, the realtor. The picture frame can cost upward to $200, but it is worth the expenditure.

19) Gift a Party with a kit of Cocktails -

realtor gift

The trend of crafty cocktails is booming and trendy, but combining and collecting all the ingredients for the latest cocktail can be tiresome and time-consuming. The cocktail kit box costs around $50 per box. Check out Shaker & Spoon to order the cocktail kit for your clients. The gift is perfect, especially right after they move into their new homes. On top of it, the clients may even invite you to taste their collection in their gatherings.

20) Welcome the clients with a Fair Trade Gift Basket -

closing gifts from realtors

Purchasing and gifting products from a fair trade not only supports local artisans and small business owners all over the world bit also adds to the charm and glam of a new house as its quite thoughtful. Check out Global to buy something similar to realtor gifts for clients. The website offers a wide variety of assorted handmade products such as teas, mugs, and scarves, etc. You can also buy a ready-made gift basket or even create customized gift baskets. Your clients get beautiful handmade products that one can’t just buy at a pottery barn, which will impact and benefit the communities all over the world. The price of the gift box varies around $60 per box.

21) Shine the Local Artisans -

real estate gift ideas

The best way to make the clients feel welcomed in the new neighborhood is to introduce them with good local closing gifts. Create a basket of local goods and products. The basket can contain a wide assortment of salsa, bread, jams, chips, cupcakes, wine, cookies, chocolates, and scented candles all of these products sourced to the local area. You can also a book that highlights the local sites and places to visit the gift basket. This can be the best way to introduce realtor gifts for clients to the local best brands and famous sites and sources. The price of this gift varies.

22) A sustainable Zoetica Kitchen Box -

the perfect closing gift

You can give realtor gifts for clients the sustainable home products line by Zoetica’s. The products that the clients may use daily stuff like food storage bags, paper towels, plastic wraps, and all the major contributors to the waste in the kitchen. But instead, the clients can use the sustainable kitchen box by Zoetica’s. The gift box will contain stretch tops, market totes, a produce bag, reusable bags as well as reusable paper towels and on top of it, all of that is 100% recyclable and compostable. This will not only help the environment but will also be an opportunity for your clients to do their fair share to save the planet. This closing gifts also implies that you deeply care about nature and believes in a sustainable future. The cost of this kitchen box varies around $ 79.

23) Stock the client’s refrigerator with the blue apron -

best closing gifts for buyers

Moving into a new house is considered one of the top five most stressful jobs in an individual’s life. Blue Apron is perfect closing gift for your clients to skip the tedious job of cooking after shifting and arranging the new house. The website will help the clients ease-out dinner time and enjoy the new house. The price of this gift varies from $ 47.95 to $ 119.84 a week.

24) A customized History Poster or a Book for the house -

best realtor closing gifts

If your client loves historical or vintage stuff, this is the perfect closing gift for them. If you are selling a historic house, then you can give your new buyers a customized house history poster that is well designed and researched. Check out Brownstone Detectives and Once Upon a Home who are the real professionals in this area. They research and design posters for your house., the one that your buyer will love to hang in their house. The process involves a lot of groundwork hence may be considered as expensive. The price of the gift starts at $ 750 and goes up to $ 5000. It depends on how far back in the history you want to get and what kind of poster or book you prefer.

25) Wishing House:

closing gift

A wishing house made by Brauna Rosen will make the perfect real estate closing gift. The closing gifts consist of handcrafted cast pewter wishing house with a handwritten note with best wishes from you. They can also send you a wishing house back. The gift costs only $ 24 per house. You can also send a wishing house on festivals and holidays.

26) Shaggy Swag gift box Subscription -

closing gifts for realtors

The owners of a pet love their pets just like their own kids. They are becoming a point of focus in people’s life. So, what better way too familiar with your clients than pampering their pawed member. The best gift can be a Shaggy Swag gift box, which does not contain the old and boring bones bur high-quality toys, essentials, treat, and much more. You can make friends with the pet even after the closing gifts.

27) A consultation with a local landscape designer –

gifts for realtors at closing

A garden is the only place in the house that needs a lot of planning and designing. Planting flowers and fruits can sometimes be troublesome. You can gift your clients a consultation with a local landscape designer and decorator. This helps them in not only setting their garden but also yield a great looking yard. As yards have a great impact on the appearance of the house, it will be a perfect closing gift to give your clients the homely feels.

28) Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum -

real estate agent closing gifts

Gifting a normal vacuum maybe be considered as insulting closing gifts to many. So, why not give a robotic vacuum and will make your tech-savvy clients happy to the core. The prices of this kind of vacuum are not obtained. But you can get a great reviewed robotic vacuum that may sync with the Alexa of Amazon. You can choose the app ranged from $ 230 to $ 300, according to your clients’ preference.

29) A nest hello smart doorbell –

gift for home buyer from seller

It’s really necessary to get a smartwatch in today’s era. Gifting a smart doorbell will add to the appearance of the new house of the clients. The perfect closing gift is the nest Hello smart. The doorbell allows the house owners to see who is at the door in their phones whenever someone rings the bell. Gift this doorbell as a real estate closing gift, and your client will never miss a visitor nor any package ever again.

30) Gift card to a local nursery –

gifts for a real estate agent

You can give your clients a gift card to the local nursery as a real estate closing gift. Some people like house plants or small trees, while they are really particular. Some may like hanging plants, while some may like succulents. So, instead of gifting them a plant, you can give can a gift certificate to a local nursery so that way they can choose the plant the like on their own. You can also ask the nursery owner to give a welcome to the neighborhood card. This will help your clients know their neighborhood better and can also visit the local nursery to pick up their favorite plants and flowers.

31) Subscription of a local cooking class -

gifts for a real estate agent

This can be the perfect real estate closing gift for your clients. A gift subscription to a unique local cooking glass. The class should provide sessions for all types of levels in intensity and experience. The session should give a session for beginners to experts, from food art to using knives. Again, before finalizing this one, you may want to know that if your client is interested in cooking at all or not.

32) A customized family portrait with the family -

real estate closing gift ideas

A customized portrait house can be a good real estate closing gift. You can click a photo of the whole family, including their pets with the new house, and later get it customized into a portrait. The most crucial part is to find a talented artist. Check out the mavenart. You can get anything portraited and customized. The prices of the portrait vary. The gift will be cherished by your clients, so do try this one out.

33) Wine it up -

real estate closing gifts for clients

As it may sound cliché, but it’s not. Instead of gifting a bottle of wine, you can lift it up a notch by gifting a fine case of vintage wine bottles. You can add the origin, pairing, and tasting notes along with the case. Instead of ordering online, which will be overpriced, visit a local wine shop to curate samples of wine for various different occasions. This closing gifts implies that you are a local expert who knows the community well. Check out the local wine shop and get something for different moments of celebrations.

34) A gift certificate to the local antique shop. -

best real estate closing gifts

If your client is really into old arts and antique, this is the perfect as a real estate closing gift. You can easily get to their feelings regarding antique collections. This closing gifts is also good as it gives the client the freedom to choose according to them. Even if they don’t find something of their taste, they are most likely to form a good relationship with the owner of the shop. The gift is a kind of win-win situation for both. So, search for local antique shops near the area.

35) A gift certificate to the local florist in the area -

best real estate closing gifts for sellers

You can easily understand if your client loves flowers or not. If they are really into fresh flowers and flower décor, this is the best real estate closing gift. You can gift your clients a certificate to the local florists’ shop. This gift gives the client the chance to choose what they want. The gift will be seen as a gift treat rather than something just gifted without putting effort or enough thoughts.

36) An iPad by Apple -

closing gift for buyers

This may be seen as a luxury gift by many realtors. The client may hesitate to accept it, but they still want it. This high-end gift tablet will create a good image in the eyes of the clients. The tablet is useful, luxurious, fun, and more than something many clients would wish for. If your clients are into technology or are like tech-savvy or they are dropping hints about it, do consider this as an option.

37) A luxury key chain or key ring -

closing gift for realtor

For the right buyers who like presenting their new home keys on luxury key chains such as Tiffany and Co., this gift will make a long-lasting impression. They may be expensive for a tiny and trivial object, but they present your client with a feeling of the deal being closed. It also depicts that you believe in quality and put effort into the closing gift. So, go on and choose your shiny key chain!

38) A customized birdhouse -

closing gift from realtor

If your clients have birds or other feathery friends, then this is the best gift for real estate closing gift. This not only creates a good relationship with your clients but also shows how concerned you are for their pets. The customized birdhouse can be designed according to either the client’s preference or preference. Make sure to design it in an artistic manner. So, check out some gorgeous and breathtaking birdhouse designs and make a feathery friend.

39) A customized pet collar or pet tags with new address on it -

closing gift ideas for sellers

As your clients move into a new house, it’s better to introduce their pets to the new neighborhood too. The best way to do so is by gifting their pawed member a new-collar tag, with their new address embedded in it. Check out Etsy to get this gift. You can even embed things other than the pets’ address, such as their name, owners’ phone no. And more. This gift is a perfect closing gift for your clients who love their pets a lot and are concerned about their safety.

40) Personalized water bottles for veterans -

closing gifts real estate

If your clients are veterans of the nations, gifting them customized and personalized water bottles are the perfect closing gift. Check out the gift given by realtor Gina Biedel Warner. The bottles can be designed on themes such as country flags or army motto or army logos. The bottle design can also include a simple note such are thanks for your services, or the nation salutes your bravery or more. So, check this gift out and thank the brave men for their services.

41) Country flags made of whiskey barrels -

gift ideas for new homeowner

You can give them a handcrafted country flag piece made out of whiskey barrels. These closing gifts are cool as well serves the purpose. It not only shows your love for the nation but also shows your respect to the veteran clients. You can get the flag handcrafted from any local crafts and art shop. Your client will love this gift as a real estate closing gift.

42) A goal zero to 1250 solar generator kit -

gift ideas for real estate clients

A realtor can gift a goal zero to 1250 solar generator kit to your clients as a real estate closing gift. The generator is solar-powered and won’t consume much energy or electricity. Having a generator can be seen essential by many people, so you can just take on hints if your clients’ need one or want one. If the flag is green, then this can be the perfect real estate closing gift.

43) A Bluetooth speaker -

real estate closing gifts to buyers

These closing gifts are not only economical but also very easy to get. This is one of the essentials gadgets one needs in their new house. Your clients will love the new Bluetooth speaker. You can find it in a store or online shopping websites. You can choose the Bluetooth speaker brand based on your preference. The better the brand, the better the quality of the products. The price of the product may vary from $25 to $200 or more.

44) A famous Paintings by a local artist of the area -

realtor client gifts

You can gift painting by the local artist of the area. This closing gifts will help your clients get to know the new neighborhood more. The painting will add to the beauty of the house and, at the same time, makes a thoughtful gift. You can observe the taste of your clients with regular conversations. Check out the local artists’ shop and choose the best piece and gift your real estate closing gift.

45) A personalized flower seed box -

realtor gift ideas for clients

If your clients love flowers, you can gift them a personalized flower box. Collect some rare and clients’ favorite flowers and gift them to your clients on their moving day. Flowers can be planted in their gardens or on their windows. Avoid choosing seasonal flowers seed. This will enhance their house and will be good as a real estate closing gift.

46) A tackle box –

realtor gift to buyer

You can gift a tackle box for the fishermen clients’. The box will contain all the necessities for fishing. If your client loves fishing, this is the perfect real estate gift for them. The gift should contain all the necessary equipment and hooks and fishing accessories. The cost of the gift may vary according to the components inside the box. So, check this item out and fish them all!

47) Engraved Champagne Flutes -

realtor gifts to clients

Check out Engraved Champagne Flutes by Etsy. The price of the gift varies from around $20. The flutes can be engraved with the initials of the family members. This is a luxury closing gifts, and personalization makes it even more appropriate for the occasion. The flutes can be used by the clients in their housewarming party. The gift is economical and classy at the same time. So, check this gift out for your next real estate closing gift.

48) A set of corkscrew -

realtor housewarming gifts

If your clients are wine fanatics, this is the perfect real estate closing gift for them. Check out the corkscrew set by Jameson. The set contains multiple types of wine corkscrews. The gift looks fancy is also out of the box. The price of the box vary from $20 and more.

49) A snowblower -

unique closing gifts for sellers

If your clients will be living in a cool or snowy area, then the most practical gift will be a snowblower. The gift is practical and thoughtful as it will help the clients in their daily routine. The price of the snowblower depends on the type and quality of the snowblower. So, check this gift out on your nearby local store and present this as a real estate closing gift.

50) Gift a certificate of one-year pest control service -

closing gift baskets

You can gift a card of one-year free pest control for the client's house. This is a really good real estate closing gift as it will help the client in keeping their house good. Get in contact with the local pest control provider and get a one-year gift certificate for your clients.

51) Movers and Packers -

closing gift for buyer

you can give your clients a certificate of movers and packers. This will help your clients move to their new home easily. The cost of the certificate may depend on the moving company you choose. The gift is useful and will be of great help to the clients will there is a lot to pack and shift or move. So, check with the local movers and packers.

52) A customized return address stamp -

closing gifts for real estate clients

As a real estate closing gift, you can get a personalized address stamp for your client's new home. This will add to the appearance of the house and will save the efforts of your client into getting this necessity for the house. You can get the box designed complimenting the house theme or in completing colors. The price will vary according to the design.

53) A customized house number plate -

gifts for real estate agent

You can get a personalized house number plate and upgrade the usual design. This is again a must-have for every house. So, choosing this as a real estate closing gift will help your clients getting their new house in order. You can choose different and classy designs for the number plate that compliments the overall appearance and structure of the new house of the clients.

54) A customized home address plaques -

home closing gifts

A personalized home address plaques will help your clients in avoiding the efforts of getting a new one. You can choose from various designs and color complementing the new home and get their name and address printed on the house. Avoid giving a simple or basic address plate and get more of the customization according to their names and preferences done.

55) A customized engraved door knocker -

personalized realtor closing gifts

Even if your clients new house a doorbell but yet you can give an engraved door knocker to your clients as a real estate closing gift. The design of the door knocker should be based on the structure of the house. It should not look out of place. The prices will vary based on the design of the door knocker. You can get the initials of their names engraved on it or their last name.

56) A gift basket of home décor –

real estate closing gifts for buyers

You can easily get to know if your client is into home decor or not. If they fancy home decor, then this is probably the nest real estate closing gift for them. A basket that contains basic as well as high-end supplies for good home décor. The clients can use supplies from your basket and start décor work for a new home. It will be received as a thoughtful gift by your clients as it shows you observed their hobbies and interests.

57) A cordless drill -

real estate gifts for buyers

Moving into a new house can be stressful for some as it may require a lot of drilling and move. So, you can gift your clients a cordless drill like a real estate closing gift. The cordless drill is easily available at any hardware store. They can use this gift in future whenever they need it and its quite hassle-free as its cordless.

58) A spa basket -

realtor closing gifts for sellers

You can gift your clients a spa basket for the real estate closing gift. The basket will contain all the essential items required for a relaxing and good spa day. The quality of the products should be good. This is a really good real estate closing gift, as one surely needs a day for relaxing after all the moving, packaging, and shifting. Make sure to put essentials oils and fragmented candles in the basket.

59) A customized hand-painted sign for the house -

realtor gifts for sellers

You can get closing gifts for clients is a hand-painted sign, for example, home sweet home from a local artist. The sign should be complementary to the new house of the clients. It will add to the décor and appearance of the house and will even give your clients the homely vibes. The message on the sign can be chosen by you based on what your clients like and in which language.

60) A set of personalized pillows -

realtor house warming gifts

You can get Present for realtor is a set of personalized pillows for your clients. The pillow can be customized according to the address or homely quotes. Avoid putting pictures of your clients or the new house. This will be a comfortable real estate closing gift. The quality of the pillows should be good and make sure they are washable.

61) Customized cutting boards –

seller closing gifts

You can get personalized or customized chopping boards for your clients as a real estate closing gift. You can get the couple's anniversary date embedded on the chopping board with their names on it. You also get other things such as their name or important dates on the chopping board.

62) A pair of matching spa robes –

best closing gifts from realtors

you can get your clients matching robes for spa day for the whole family or for the couple. This is a perfect closing gift. You can even get their initials printed on the robes. You can get matching robes of good quality at any local store.

63) A set of Personalized coasters -

best realtor gifts

Get them a set of classy personalized coasters. The set of coasters can have their moving date along with their name or the family name. The quality of the coasters should be good, and that will decide the cost of the closing gifts.

64) A certificate of massage –

closing gifts from real estate agents

You can get your clients a gift certificate of couple massage or a family massage card. The spa can be in the local neighborhood. The clients will need a day of relaxation after the stressful moving and shifting into their new house. This way, they can also get to know their new neighborhood. Choose the package of spa according to the budget of the real estate closing gift .

65) A monogrammed blanket -

gifts from realtors

You can get closing gifts for home buyers is set of monogrammed blankets. The gift will be useful and will serve the purpose just perfectly. The price of the monogrammed blankets may vary from $ 12 to $ 50 or more.

66) A galvanized ice bucket with engraved family name on it -

magazine closing gift

This gift will also serve in the house warming party of the clients. You can get a galvanized ice bucket will the family name engraved on it. This will be a family heirloom and will look classy. You can choose from the different designs of ice buckets according to the budget of the deal closing gift.

67) Customized doormats –

real estate closing gift

you can get your client's customized doormats. You can have the doormats designed with their moving date and clients’ name engraved on it. The size of doormat and colors should complement the overall appearance of the new house.

68) A set of Cutco Knives -

real estate closing gifts for sellers

You can give Present for a realtor is new pair of Cutco knives. This is useful in the client’s kitchen, and as knives are a tool of daily use, they can come handy for the clients. You can get these set of Cutco Knives online or in a store.

69) A granite Cheese plate -

real estate thank you gifts

you can give your clients a granite cheese plate. The price of the gift may vary from $ 50 and more. The granite cheese board will add a unique touch to the housewarming party of the clients. You can get this gift item online by Etsy.

70) A hammock -

realtor gifts to buyers

You can gift your clients a good time. It means a hammock. This real estate closing gifts will add to not only the house appearance but also a good relaxing time for your clients. You can easily get a hammock at a local shop. The cost of this closing gifts is also not high; it’s quite economical.

71) A Barbeque Grill -

unique closing gifts

Best closing gifts for realtors, You can gift your clients a new barbeque grill. You can even add a note saying have good family time with the gift. The closing gifts are useful and will be well appreciated by the clients. This closing gifts can be a bit expensive, but it is worth it. You can get a barbeque grill at a store or online websites.

72) Barbeque Tools -

personalized real estate closing gifts

If your client already has a barbeque grill, then you get them a set of quality grill tools. This is useful and will come handy for your clients. You can get their names engraved on the grill tools along with the best cook or kind of stuff on it. This gift will be economical and will serve the purpose of the real estate closing gift.

73) A fire pit -

real estate closing gifts

You can get a gift for a home buyer is a new fire pit. This may be considered a bit expensive by some realtors. The steel fire pit will be best for cold areas. Your client will surely appreciate it as they will like to get some heat in those cold winter days. You can get this online at Etsy. Make sure the quality of the fire pit is good, and it's long-lasting.

74) A park bench -

best real estate closing gifts for sellers

You can give your clients a park bench like a real estate closing gift. You can either set the park bench in their garden or in their porch area or even in front of their house. The park bench should be of good quality and rainproof. This is a thoughtful closing gift and will add to the décor of the new home of the clients.

75) A wind chime -

gift for realtor

You can get your clients a wind chime as a real estate closing gift. The pair of colorful and lively wind chimes will make a perfect gift for your client’s home. You can get a beautiful pair of wind chimes at a local store or at an online store. The wind chime should go along with the overall appearance of the house.

76) A rocking chairs -

thank you gift for realtor

You can get closing gift ideas for buyers is pair of rocking chairs. The rocking chairs will your personal touch to the new home of your clients. You can get them from any furniture store or an online store. The quality of a rocking chair should be rainproof and good. They should last long. The design of the chair should complement the overall appearance of the house.

77) A porch swing -

gifts for your realtor

You can get closing gift ideas for buyers is the porch swing. This will be the perfect real estate closing gift for your clients. This gift will be useful, personal, and thoughtful. The price of the porch swing differs according to the design and size of the swing. The porch swing should be rainproof. You can get your clients chose the design and get it fixed in their new house.

78) An ice cream maker -

thank you gifts for realtor

You can get closing gifts for home buyers is a new ice cream maker. The ice cream maker can be found at any local store or through an online platform. The prices may vary according to the ice maker. This can be a good family time initiator. You can get this closing gifts for your purpose.

79) A popcorn maker -

can realtors accept gifts

You can get real estate gifts for clients is a popcorn maker. It will be good for movie night plans for your clients. The cost of the popcorn maker may vary. You can get different flavors of popcorns along with the popcorn maker. This will be useful for your client’s new home and won’t go in vain.

80) A ride of a hot air balloon -

house closing gifts

You can get your clients a perfect closing gift is a certificate of a hot air balloon ride. This can be an adventure for the whole family. This way, your clients can get a tour of the new neighborhood and a break from the hectic live schedule. The prices of the gift certificate depending on the tour of the hot balloon. You can even give them weekly or monthly rides.

81) A movie basket -

gift for mortgage broker

You can get closing gifts for clients is a basket of movies. The basket of movies should contain all types of the movie, such as classic to animated movies and horror movies. You can get the movie basket from any movie store. It will be best if you handpick the movies. You can even add a few of the clients’ favorite if you are able to get their preference.

82) A personalized clock -

christmas gifts for realtors

You can get great gifts for new homeowners is a customized clock like a real estate closing gift. The design of a clock can include the clients’ family name and family quotes, such as the best time is family time. The clock can have wooden clock texture or complimenting texture. The prices of the personalized clock may differ from $ 50 and above.

83) A subscription of magazines -

realtor gift

You can get present for a realtor is a favorite or preferred magazine and get their one-year subscription for them. The client will appreciate this a lot, and it will be received as a thoughtful gift. The clients will appreciate the fact that you remember their preferences and choices. So, get their likings out and gift them the subscription.

84) A set of high end silverware -

gifts for a realtor

you can get your clients a set of shinning silverware. The set can be bought from any store. Make sure to get original and good quality silver. You can even get the family name engraved on the silverware set. The prices may vary according to the silver prices and different types of sets. The closing gifts are classy and quite thoughtful.

85) A candle holder by Tiffany & Co. –

gift ideas for real estate agents

You can gift for a home buyer is a pair of candleholders from Tiffany & Co. as a real estate closing gift. The gift will be classy and quite luxurious. The candle holders can be engraved with the family name or their names on it. The prices may be considered a bit high. But the gift will be worth it. So, you can think of it to serve the purpose as it will match the ambiance of the house.

86) A gift certificate for an in-house bartender for their housewarming party -

tip for real estate agent

For the housewarming party you can gift for a realtor at closing is the assistance of an in -house bartender. The gift will be quite useful and thoughtful as they may need a pair of extra hands. The cost should be based on the budget planned for the real estate closing gift.

87) A customized Yeti cups -

thank you to realtor

You can get closing gift ideas for buyers is personalized yeti cups. The cups can have their names engraved on it or their birth dates. The gift can be used in daily routine and will be useful for your clients. The gift is not expensive and quite economical.

88) A set of personalized soy candles -

closing gift ideas for buyers

You can get closing gifts for home buyers is customized soy candle. The candles can have the client's name, or their family name imprinted on the candles. The candles will be good for décor as well as good for use. So, think for it for the purpose of real estate closing gift.

89) Donate to their favorite charity -

thank you gifts for sellers

You can do a good deed in their name. You can either donate to their favorite charity or can do something in their honor. You can either donate bikes to poor kids or some home supplies for needy people.

90) Housewarming cakes for the clients’ party -

mortgage closing gifts

You can give Present for a realtor is a cake that looks like the client’s house, for their housewarming party. This can be a useful and thoughtful gift for your clients, as the occasion is to celebrate, and you can also get the cake artist some good referrals as well.

91) A miniature of their new home -

closing gifts for real estate agents

You can get a gift for a home buyer is a handcrafted miniature model of the client's new home. This will be perfect for the real estate closing gift, as this is the ultimate reward for their efforts. The house will remind the clients of the time when they decided to move into their new house. The gift is quite economical and a treat for the eyes. So, get in touch with the local artisans and get your real estate closing gift.

92) A basket of fine gourmet cheese -

how much should a realtor spend on a closing gift

If your clients are quite the foodies, you can get them a customized basket of gourmet cheese. The cheese can be from local chefs as well as famous and fine cheese. You can get the cheese basket customized or even handpicked. The price is quite low for this gift basket. The basket should meet the criteria of being presentable as well as the taste of the cheese. Your clients should enjoy the fine quality cheese and have a bit of moment to cherish and celebrate.

93) A spiritual gift -

gift for realtor after closing

You can give Present for a realtor is a famous spiritual book as the real estate closing gift. The book can be of any religion or from any part of the world. The book contains inspiring stories, life-changing instances, or beautiful pictures. The price s of the book may vary accordingly.

94) A gift of patriotism -

should you buy your realtor a gift after closing

You can get closing gifts for homebuyers is the national flag of the client house. If your clients are veterans, then this is the perfect real estate closing gift for them. Every homeowner should have their national flag, which will also make a perfect gift for housewarming. The gift shows your love and respect for the nation and will paint you as a responsible and true citizen of the nation.

95) Gift some fortune- a Bonsai Tree -

do you buy your realtor a gift

You can get closing gifts for home buyers is some good fortune as a real estate closing gift by gifting a bonsai tree. You can easily find a bonsai tree in the local nurseries. The bonsai tree is the traditional symbol of good fortune and good luck, which also makes it perfect as a housewarming gift. The cost of a bonsai tree is not high.

96) A board game -

thank you gift for realtor at closing

As a real estate closing gift you can get your clients a fun and good board game. The game will allow them to have some quality and good family time together, where they will make memories to celebrate and cherish. You can choose from several board games, and they are quite economical as well.

97) A customized serving tray -

funny gifts for real estate agents

You can get closing gifts for clients is handcrafted and customized serving tray as a real estate closing gift. You can get the initials of their name or the family name engraved on the serving tray. The cost may vary from $ 70 and above. The serving tray looks classy and has a personal touch in it.

98) A set of essentials of gym -

how to thank your realtor

If your clients are fitness enthusiasts or athletes, you can give them a set of essentials for a gym as a real estate closing gift. The essentials may include a water bottle, a gym bag, hand gloves, kneecaps, and more. The fact that you remembered their daily routine and gifted something aligning with their schedule will be very much appreciated.

99) A book essential for every household -

what to get a realtor as a thank you gift

You can get closing gift ideas for buyers is “100 things every homeowner must know”. The book contains every tip and essential information on house issues such as repairing, increasing safety, maintain the house, and managing the home smartly. The book has various hazards and their safety measures, cleaning the basement, storing the extra supplies, or excessive stuff. The book is a valuable source of easy living.

100) Baby gear -

can real estate agents accept gifts

In case your new homeowners are expecting, then you can gift them a set of baby gear as real estate closing gift. The important thing is, they will eventually buy it baby gear as it is necessary, so gifting them the same will make them happy and will be easy for them. The gear may include essentials such as diapers, plastic spoons, baby – proof products, wipes, stair gates, changing tables, high chairs, and bowls.

101) An entertaining yard game -

first time home buyer gift basket

The key to a happy sale is giving a present for a realtor is something to enjoy apart from their new home. You can get them a good and fun yard game that they can play with their family and friends and make some cherishable memories. You can get a whole list of popular yard games here.

So, choose your real estate closing gift very smartly and move up your business.

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