Photo Restoration Services – Types of Restoration

This entry was posted on June 30, 2017 by Shilpi Roy.

When you are searching online for “photo restoration near me” what exactly do you have in mind? What do you expect the service provider to do for you? This might sound like a silly question, however, you will be surprised to note that having clarity on this will go a long way in finding the best services. It would again be surprising to note how many people that search for photo restoration services fail to have the required level of clarity regarding their own requirements.

One of the reasons for the confusions is because the term “photo restoration services” does not mean the same thing to all the service providers. The nature of the services offered by different service providers varies from one service provider to the other even though they offer their services under the same service heading. Therefore, as a customer, you need to know what exactly you need so that you could find a service provider who is capable of meeting your needs. It is also important to learn about the different types of restoration services the industry offers.

The very fact that you are looking for photo restoration services is an indication that you have old photos that are damaged or at the verge of damage. Such damages could mean fading of colors, cracks on the surface of the photo, peeling of the top surface, photo damaged by fire, insects, water and so on. One of the ways of restoring the image is by digitally correcting the errors. First the original photo is scanned and the corrections are made in the scanned image and then printed.

Another approach is to restore the photo by painting the photo on canvas. You get a brand new version of your photo. Moreover, when you convert a photo into a canvas painting, you will immediately increase the lifespan of your photo. Oil paintings are meant to last a lifetime. You will not be required to go for another restoration process once you convert your photo to painting. Here you need to be cautious because what you want is hand painting of the picture and not canvas prints. If it is going to be printed on canvas, you would again be limiting the lifespan of your photo. Therefore, it is vital that you double check with your service provider on the nature of the restoration services that they offer. If you wish to go with a canvas painting then commission only service providers who offer 100% manual painting service.

As you can foresee not all service providers will be able to meet your requirements. If you do not have any idea regarding the types of conversions, you are likely to go with the first type of service that you come across, which may not be the best solution for you.

If you have photos that are damaged and if you need them to be restored, send your photos to the top photo restoration experts in the industry and have it restored to its original condition.

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