People Portraits – Getting Ready for Mother’s Day

This entry was posted on April 21, 2017 by Shilpi Roy.

As the mother’s day is just round the corner, if you have been looking for interesting ways to surprise your mother then here is an interesting idea. Impress your mother with hand painted portrait of one of her favorite pictures. Even though we are in a digital era, there is nothing that compares with the old fashioned oil painting. You like the idea but are you wondering where to find an artist? You don’t have to worry, Mavenart is here to save the day for you.

Hand painted portraits are finding their way back into fashion. Your mother will certainly be able to connect with it because it takes her back to her times. She would certainly love to see one of her pictures turned into an oil painting. Now with the help of the online painting services offered by Mavenart, you can have the painting delivered at your doorsteps and you need not have to worry about finding a talented artist. You just need to choose a picture that you know your mother will love and send it online.

We know what you are worried about now. It is the cost right? Yes, it is true getting one’s oil painting done from a talented artist used to be very expensive and it still is expensive. However, it is not always the case. You can get your people portraits now at a very low prices. You will certainly not have to worry about the talent of the artist or about the quality of the painting. You will in fact be spending just a fraction of the cost and that too without compromising on the quality of the work.

We also know your next concern and it is the time taken to have the painting done. You can get your pixel perfect portrait of your mother in as short as 15 days. It is worth the wait because you know for sure that it will put a smile on your mother’s face and brighten up her face and you surely want to see that smile on her glowing face. Year after year you must have been sending your mother flowers on her birthday or other gifts. Let this mother’s day be little different. Send her flowers on mother’s day and a few days later let the flowers be followed by this wonderful gift that she will cherish all her life.

Now that you have this brilliant mother’s day gift idea you don’t have to waste your time looking for a better gifts or for the right place to order them. You can go ahead and place the order right away. When you are selecting the picture for the portrait remember not to select a picture with too many people in it as it will dilute the beauty of people portraits. It should not take more than a few seconds and a few quick clicks. Start searching for that best picture from those old collections. Make sure that you have a good quality picture so that the artist can easily emulate the beauty in the picture.

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