Dog Portraits - Canvas Prints vs Hand Painted Canvas Painting

Today, if you wish to create portraits of your pets, you have a number of options. One of the easiest options is mounting a print of your pet photo as wall décor. This is the most commonly found type of pet portrait; nothing exciting or new about it. Not many pet owners today prefer such portraits, they rather prefer transferring their dog photos to canvas.

People Portraits – Getting Ready for Mother’s Day

As the mother’s day is just round the corner, if you have been looking for interesting ways to surprise your mother then here is an interesting idea. Impress your mother with hand painted portrait of one of her favorite pictures. Even though we are in a digital era, there is nothing that compares with the old fashioned oil painting. You like the idea but are you wondering where to find an artist? You don’t have to worry, Mavenart is here to save the day for you.

Pet Portraits – Tips For The Best Pet Portraits

Are you one of those proud owners of irresistible pets? It could be a cat or a dog or even an iguana. It does not matter what pet or how many pets you own, they certainly bring joy and companionship to you. One of the best ways of celebrating your pets is by making pet portraits. You are likely to have countless pictures of your lovely pet or pets but what if you could make your pet portraits in a different medium, oil paintings? Would it not make a beautiful addition to your home décor?

Here are some quick tips for making the best pet portraits.

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