17 Essential Oil Painting Supplies For Beginners

If you’re someone who has made up their mind to dive into the world of oil painting but are confused about where to start and how to start then we’ve got you covered.

We at Maven Art have been working with oil paints and making our customers happy for quite some time now, and here we are again helping you guys out with some essential painting supplies for your next oil painting masterpiece.

To keep it simple the four essentials that any oil painter would need are:
1. Something to paint on
2. Something to paint with
3. Something to clean with
4. Something to keep it all organized

Keeping in mind these four essential paint supplies for beginners let’s move forward with our specific list of supplies and oil paint tools that you might need for your next oil painting.

17 Essential Oil Painting Supplies For Beginners

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24 Different types of Paint Brushes - Explained

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What is Art Therapy | Benefits of Art Therapy for Mental Health, Anxiety, Stress


Endless meetings, never-ending calls, presentations, target due, etcetera- etcetera; doesn't that makes you feel you want to take a break and relax. The generation we are and the competition we have with ourselves makes it necessary to take some time off from the hectic race. So, why not take a break? Do you also feel that yoga, meditations, Pilates, etc., are not your thing? There are other ways to take a break and relax, and I don't mean a Kit-Kat break. It's your imagination through any medium of art. Art has the knack of inspiring everyone and making them see and view things from a different take. It doesn't matter whether is the art is music or a painting.

The Art Dictionary : Every Kind of Art Form That Exists

Art Dictionary

Ever wondered how the famous Mona Lisa was painted or even formed? What kind of paint would’ve been used or what kind of brush would’ve been present at that time to create that masterpiece?

Well, even if you don’t know the answer to those questions, you will certainly know a lot about different art forms present around the world after reading this piece. And trust us, you will come back here to refer. We won’t bet that, but yeah, quite sure about it.

So yeah, let’s begin your art class.

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Acrylic V/S Oil Painting A Beginner’s guide Differences, Pros & Cons

Whenever a person decides to take a painting or become an artist, the most important and the first decision he or she will make is what type of paints acrylic or oil paint should be used.

30 Best & Free Painting Tutorials Online For Beginners

At least once in our life, all of us have tried our hand at painting, sketching or drawing something. We start painting step by step, try to finish and either get successful and complete our artwork or leave it in the middle out of impatience or for not getting desired results.

30 Best & Free Painting Tutorials Online For Beginners

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Why Artists Varnish Their Work (And Why Some Artists Don't)

If you have recently explored the world of acrylic or an oil painting, 'varnishing' is a term that you must have come across quite often. So what, precisely is varnishing and what all is its usefulness? Do we even need to varnish our paintings?

varnish varnishing an oil painting

The very term 'Varnish' refers to a transparent and protective film, the primary purpose of which is preservation. After spending a whole lot of days in creating a masterpiece, there steps in the major dilemma for an artist, which is whether or not to proceed to the next step. How and what varnishing coat needs to be done is a concern so crucial that it can either exemplify or ruin your artwork. And this is where we step in to bring home some clarity.

Here, we explore (In Detail) the intricacies of the reasons why some artists prefer to varnish their artwork while why the others don't. Sharing our expert tips and the points to keep in mind before coating, we'll also throw some light on a couple of types of varnishes and the surface that best suits them.

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