60+ Unique Mother's day gift ideas

Unique Mothers day gift ideas

As you know, this year's Mother's Day is fast approaching, so it is time to decide what gift you can give your mother on this special day. Treating her in the best way possible on this day that celebrates everything she stands for is essential.

Teach Your Dogs to Paint: Best Ways to Build Artistic Skills in Your Dog

Teach Your Dogs to Paint

You may have wondered how dog owners taught their dogs to paint like that, especially if you are one yourself. As a pet lover, you must be curious to know how to train your dog to paint on cue to have a great artist in the family! You are then in the right place! This article will be a detailed guide regarding teaching your pet dog to make beautiful art pieces. It will also cover the safety measures you must follow to ensure a safe and secure painting session for your dog.

Do Dogs Appreciate Art? Let's find out!

Do Dogs Appreciate Art

Do dogs appreciate art? Like humans, do they have the senses to admire a painting, music work, or any art? We have seen videos of dogs attempting to paint in social media applications. Is that because they enjoy being an artist, or is it just because of their love for treats? If you are a dog owner, then you surely must be a fan of taking cute pictures of your dog, and trying out applications that can turn them into paintings or bitmojis. You might even commission artists to get a hand painting of your cute dog done.

Dog safe paint for paws: Best Safe paints for dogs that are not toxic

dog safe paint for paws

While all of these are fun activities you can do to engage with your dog, it is essential to ensure your dog's safety or health will not get affected when you do them. It is necessary to guarantee that all the paints you use are safe and non-toxic. All pet lovers will agree that we should not engage in any fun activity that compromises our pet's health. This article discusses the importance of using safe paint to paint your dog's paws and lists the suitable colors you can use to paint your pet's paws. So, read further to understand how to keep your pet safer while painting and choose an excellent non-toxic pain for your dog friend.

The 14 Best Apps to Turn Photos Into Art and Paintings

Best Apps to Turn Photos Into Art

In this article, we'll explore the 14 best apps (free apps as well as premium ones) for turning photos into art and paintings. Let's get into the details of their features and benefits to help you choose the perfect app for your needs. Whether you want to create art styles like a classic oil painting or a modern graphic design, these apps will inspire your inner artist and elevate your photography to new heights.

Top 10 Ways To Turn Your Dog or Cat Into a Bitmoji (2023 updated)

turn your dog or cat into a bitmoji

Have you ever wondered how your pet would look as a bitmoji? There may not be a cuter way to make the photos you took of your pets cuter than converting them into bitmojis. You can even print them to make hangings and show pieces to make your house more appealing. Also, using them, you can create a toy for your pet to play with and appreciate.

How to Paint a Dog in Acrylics: A Step By Step Guide For Beginners

How to Paint a Dog in Acrylics

Painting a dog using acrylics or even oil painting is easier than it may seem. Once you learn the basics and have a good understanding of how to use the paints, you can paint a dog on your own. This article will be a detailed guide to help you learn how to paint dogs. If you are such a pet owner wishing to learn how to paint dogs using acrylic paint, read on further. Through the step-by-step guide, even a beginner can learn how to paint a dog with acrylics.

14 Of The Most Famous Dog Paintings Throughout History

Famous Dog Paintings Throughout History

Many artists, including Pablo Picasso, dedicated their paintings to their pet dogs and furry friends, which went on to become important artworks in the visual history of our world. Many other artists, especially those from the Renaissance, included dogs as subjects in their artworks to symbolize devotional relationships and as symbols of unconditional love, loyalty, and fidelity. In the list below of the top 14 dog paintings throughout history, we will explore some beautiful paintings that left a mark in visual history.

Dogs in Art: Man’s Best Friend and keepers of Devotional Relationship

Dogs-Gatekeepers of Devotional Relationships in Art

From the ancient era to the present world, dogs have always been faithful companions of human beings. From being hunting buddies to beloved pets, dogs have come a long way as man’s best friend. Throughout these years, many artists have not forgotten to include dogs in art pieces to pay homage to their favorite companions. When we trace the history of dogs in art, we can find that they were present across periods, from the cave paintings of ancient times to the contemporary works of the modern era. They have always been significant art subjects, regardless of the era.

Photo Restoration- Definition, How To Guide, Apps and Resources

 restoring old photos

In the days of the yore, a photograph was a celebration and taking it was a mammoth's task, with the vast camera, big lenses, and the issuing paraphernalia. Later it became a way to mark a joyous occasion, often birthdays, anniversaries, and parties, where professionals were paid to freeze our memories in time. Today though, anything and everything is a click away, even a perfect picture (though it might just need more than one click). But the memories of the past are now stored in the age-old albums, where the dust and decay, but most importantly time, fade the colors of the memory landscape. As these problems surfaced, so did the solutions in the form of a not-so-new phenomenon of photograph restoration.

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