42 Fun and Easy Mother’s Day Painting Ideas To Paint and Gift Your Mother

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Mother's Day Painting Ideas

Mothers are the pillars of strength of every individual. Your mother holds you close by showering you with the love, care, support, and guidance you require to grow. To commemorate their unconditional love and selflessness, Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May around the globe.

Mother’s Day Painting

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You can also celebrate Mother’s Day and make that day entirely about her by gifting your pillar of strength something that can make her feel happy and content. This article will provide 42+ Mother’s Day Painting ideas which may be the most personal gift you can give her.

Unique and Easy Mother’s Day Painting Ideas

It is important for you to celebrate the incredible woman in your life and the rest of the world on Mother’s Day. You can celebrate with her on this day by gifting her anything that she wants or will love to make her day joyful.

Unique Mother's Day Gift

There is no better gift than something you put a lot of time and effort into. It is best to make a handmade, thoughtful painting for your mother that she can treasure for years than any expensive gift. This is why one among the many Mother’s Day Painting Ideas discussed below may be the best gift for your mother. Most of the unique ideas discussed below are easily doable for even a person unfamiliar with how to paint.

1. Fingerprint cards

Fingerprint cards are easy yet sweet gifts you can give your mother on Mother’s Day. You can fill the card with your fingerprint or make small cut patterns, and it is an easy yet pretty card painting idea that your mother can treasure forever.

Fingerprint cards


2. Handprint cards

Like fingerprints, making cards with handprints all over them is another excellent card painting idea that you can gift your mother, who will love it. You can also create unique designs with your handprint to make your card beautiful.

Handprint cards


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3. Sponge-Painted Cards

Sponge Painted cards are a unique Mother’s Day gift idea that is easy to make. All you need is a sponge cut into different shapes based on the pattern you plan to make with it. You will also need acrylic paints of different colors to create this card. The stamping art technique using a sponge is a fun art project that even young children can use to make beautiful designs and cards easily.

Sponge-Painted Cards


4. Mother’s Day Card Craft

You can make different kinds of cards for your mom on her special day, Mother’s Day, by painting different patterns on them, folding them in different ways, etc. Besides the handprinted, fingerprinted, and sponge-stamped cards, you can make different kinds of cards with writings to make them more touching. You can get several great ideas on making Mother’s Day Card Crafts and even video tutorials by searching the internet.

Mother’s Day Card Craft


5. Stamped Rose Painting

Stamped Rose Painting Card is another beautiful stamping paint idea. You can roll up a thin sponge cleaning cloth, dip it in different acrylic paint colors that match a rose and stamp it in the card-making paper. You can also add leaves to make the card prettier by cutting tiny sponges in the shape of a leaf, dipping it in green color, and stamping along with the roses on it.

Stamped Rose Painting


6. Mother's Day Handprint Flower Art

You can make a card, portrait, or bouquet with handprint flower art, an easy Mother’s Day craft idea. You can dip your hand in paint and stamp it on paper or cut craft paper in the shape of your hand.

Handprint Flower Art

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You can print your and other family members' hands on card paper and draw stems to do a handprint flower bouquet on a card. You can also paste your and your family members' hands on card papers and cut them in that shape to make handprint flowers. Attach stem-like painted craft papers to the end of each flower and tie them together to create a hand-print bouquet.

7. Painted Handprint Poem for Mom

Doing a painted handprint poem for your mother on mother’s day is a classic gift idea that can fill your mother’s heart. You can make a card with a small poem dedicated to your mother and stamp your handprints on the card to make it look artistic and pretty.

Handprint Poem for Mom


8. Fingerprint Heart Keepsake Poem

You can make a heart using just your fingerprints and make a fingerprint heart keepsake poem for Mother’s day, which your mother will love dearly. This a lovely painted gift idea for your mother to treasure forever.

Fingerprint Heart Keepsake Poem


9. Melted Crayon Art

Instead of paint, you can use melted crayon art to make your Mother’s Day gift more colorful. You can do something that looks like a beautiful rainbow of wax dripping down the canvas. Additionally, write something beautiful or draw something relevant to make it a great Mother’s Day gift for your mom. You can get step-by-step instructions on how to do it easily online.

Melted Crayon Art


10. Fingerprint-Painted Flower Pot

If your mother is into gardening, a fingerprint-painted flowerpot is a great gift that can steal her heart this Mother’s day. You can do cute patterns with your fingerprint on a couple of pots using bright, cheerful colors.

Fingerprint-Painted Flower Pot


11. Mother’s Day Painted Bookmark

Is your mother a bookworm, or does she enjoy reading books occasionally? Either way, making a bookmark is an easy Mother’s Day craft idea and a perfect gift. Use acrylic paint, watercolors, oil paints, or kids' paint (like crayons) to create a colorful bookmark and present it to your mother on that day. It will surely bring a smile to your mother’s face whenever she opens her favorite books. You can also gift it with her favorite book if you can afford one.

Mother’s Day Painted Bookmark


12. Pour Painting Flower Pot

Another apt gift for your mother on Mother’s Day is a Pour Painted Flower Pot if she loves gardening. Gifting a pour-painted flower pot is beautiful and will be helpful for your mother, especially if she is into gardening.

Pour Painting Flower Pot


The idea is beautiful and easy; you will enjoy creating it. As the name of the painting gift idea suggests, you just have to grab a few paint colors in any color scheme of your choice and pour them over the pot. You have to turn the pot over before pouring the paints; it will be a beautiful sight to watch the dripping.

13. Creating a Handprint Butterfly for Mother’s Day

A Handprint Butterfly card is a beautiful item you can gift your mother on Mother’s Day, especially if you are a kid. Your mother is sure to love how adorable it is. You can cut two craft papers in the shape of your hand which will act as the pair of wings of the handprint butterfly card. You can then use more craft paper, paint, and even sequences to work on the body and face and decorate the butterfly to make it very pretty.

Handprint Butterfly for Mother’s Day

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14. DIY Watercolor Mother’s Day Card

In another card idea, making a DIY Mother’s Day card using watercolors is a sweet painted gift idea your mother will love. You can make designs of your choice by mixing shades of watercolors to decorate this beautiful card. This is an easy DIY gift idea, especially if you know how to use watercolors well.

Watercolor Mother’s Day Card


15. Make A Card Using Paper Doily

You can make a cute heart painting for your mother to gift her on Mother’s Day using a heart-shaped paper doily. This will provide an excellent painting effect for the heart, making the painting a very beautiful one.

Make A Card Using Paper Doily


16. ‘I Love You, Mom’ Painting

A fantastic painted gift idea for your mother on her special day is to do a simple ‘I Love You Mom’ painting. This is a gift even a toddler can do that will make the painting extremely innocent and adorable. If you don’t have advanced art supplies or are not used to painting creatively, this simple gift, which can fill your mother’s heart, is a great way to start.

‘I Love You, Mom’ Painting


17. I Love You Mom Glitter Painting

Glitters are great craft items that are so much fun to use. You can use them to make beautiful painted gifts for your mother on her special day. This painted gift idea is especially great as it is even easy for kids to create an ‘I love you, Mom’ glitter painting. You can use glitter paint to beautifully write ‘I Love You Mom’ on card paper and fill the rest with beautiful designs using glitter paint.

I Love You Mom Glitter Painting

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18. Paint a Bouquet of Loose Abstract Flowers

You can use acrylic paint and watercolors to paint a beautiful bouquet of loose abstract flowers on a canvas and gift it to your mom on Mother’s Day. She will love the gift and insist on hanging the painting in your house. This is an excellent painted gift idea that is not very hard to make.

Bouquet of Loose Abstract Flowers


19. DIY Easy Flower Bouquet

Making a bouquet of loose abstract flowers is a great painting idea that you can gift your mother on Mothers’ day. You can use either craft paper or cloth to cut or fold them in the shape of flowers. You can then paint them to give them the color of flowers and even add small sequences to make them look prettier and appear more like flowers. You can also make stems this way and attach them to your already-prepared flowers. Tie them all together to create a stunning bouquet and gift it to your mother, which she will love a lot.

DIY Easy Flower Bouquet


20. Hand-Lettered Mother’s Day Rock

Hand-lettered rock is a unique yet easy Mother’s Day craft idea to gift your mother. If you can get your hands on a good rock and some paints, you can make this beautiful gift easily.

Hand-Lettered Mother’s Day Rock


Mix and use any suitable combination of colors and paint the rock of your choice. You can then write something sweet to your mother with a marker or black paint. This item can also be a beautiful showpiece in your house that your mother can treasure forever.

21. Stamped Fork Flower Painting

A pretty stamped fork flower painting is a beautiful painted gift idea to give your mother on Mother’s Day. You can work on this effortless gift-making idea if you have a couple of forks to spare, acrylic paints, and a canvas.

Stamped Fork Flower Painting

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You have to dip the forks into the paint colors of your choice and stamp them on the canvas to make fork flowers. You can do the same using different colors to paint mixed flowers. Complete the painting using green colors to paint the stems and flowers.

22. Spin Art Painted Flowers

Spin art-painted flowers are an easy and fun gift you can give your mother on Mother’s Day. Place a round card in a salad spinner, pour some colors into it, and spin it to get it spin painted. Then cut the card into the shape of a flower. You can then paste sequences and green stems to the spin-painted flower to make it look more decorative. Your mother is sure to love this beautiful dip spin art painted flower.

Spin Art Painted Flowers


23. Painted Flower Vase

If your mother loves showpieces, a painted flower vase is an excellent gift for her on Mother’s Day. You can buy an already-painted flower vase online or from a store. But, it would be even better to buy a plain vase and paint your designs on it to make a customized painted flower vase that celebrates your mother.

Painted Flower Vase


24. Painted Clay Pot

You can paint clay pots in different patterns, even of animals or insects, to gift your mother a cute painted clay pot that can be a showpiece in your house. Your mother can use the clay pot as a decorative item or as a stand to keep pens and pencils. The picture below is a Mother’s Day gift idea featuring an adorable ladybug-painted clay pot.

Painted Clay Pot


25. Fingerprint Painted Flower Vase

While a painted flower vase is an excellent gift idea for Mother’s Day, painting a vase and filling it up with your fingerprint may be even better. A Fingerprint painted vase is a gift that can melt your mother’s heart and is something she will treasure forever. This is also an easy-painted gift idea as you only need to dip your finger in different colored paints of your choice and stamp your color on a plain colored vase.

Fingerprint Painted Flower Vase


26. Handprint Coasters

DIY Handprint Coasters may be the easiest DIY gifts you can gift your mother for Mother’s Day. All you have to do to make one is to paint your hand and stamp it on the tile. You then have to leave the tile to dry for several hours. Once it has dried, you can spray a few layers of protective glaze over the handprint so it will be waterproof. This is a lovely painted gift idea for your mother that she will love.

Handprint Coasters

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27. Painted Handprint Bowl

You can make a cute little bowl using salt dough in the shape of your hand, paint it any color of your choice, and even add cute designs for decoration. This charming painted gift idea is an easy Mother’s Day craft that will steal your mother’s heart. Your mother can use this bowl as a ring dish, change collector, or in any other way of her choice.

Painted Handprint Bowl


28. Rainbow Footprint Butterfly Card

A Rainbow footprint butterfly card is a perfect gift even a toddler can gift their mother for Mother’s day. If you have a toddler sibling, you can paint their baby feet with safe paint and stamp on card paper. You can outline the footprint to form a butterfly. You can also include sweet messages for your mother on this card.

Rainbow Footprint Butterfly Card


You can paint the toddler feet in rainbow colors to make the butterfly card prettier. You can also jot down a poem dedicated to your mother to make the Rainbow Footprint Butterfly card the cutest ever.

29. Clay Footprint Bowl

Another excellent gift painting idea for your mother on Mother’s Day from a toddler is a clay footprint bowl that she can use as a ring dish. You can stamp your toddler sibling's feet on clay, shape it in a bowl, and let it dry to harden it. You can also color the bowl, especially the footprint portion, to make it beautiful. Your mother will like such a thoughtful gift, so this is an excellent painted gift idea.

Clay Footprint Bowl


30. Commission a Mother’s Day Portrait

Another great painted gift idea is to commission a Mother’s Day Portrait. Several people do art projects and pieces on commissions. You can select a suitable firm to make a realistic portrait of your mother. You can either commission a picture of just hers or one with you or the whole family, whatever you think can make your mother the happiest.

Commission a Mother’s Day Portrait


31. DIY Mother’s Day Portrait

If you are good at painting portraits, you can attempt painting one for your mother. This is a great Mother’s Day gift idea, which will be precious for your mother and make her beam with pride seeing how well you painted her portrait. DIY Mother’s Day Portrait


32. Mother’s Day Canvas Painting With Paint Pouring

Making a Mother’s Day Marble Canvas Painting using the paint pouring technique is a beautiful gift that can leave your mom awestruck. You have to mix the paint of your choice with a marbling agent before performing the method to make sure the colors don’t mix. The result that you get after pouring this paint is beautiful and satisfying.

Mother’s Day Canvas Painting


33. Mother’s Day Banner

You can make a cute Mother’s Day Banner that says ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to surprise her on the day and fill her with joy. A festive banner in any theme you think your mother will enjoy can be a perfect painted gift idea for her on Mother’s day.

Mother’s Day Banner


34. Mother’s Day Flower Paintings

A Mother’s Day Flower Painting is a cute painted gift idea that you can give your mother on Mother’s Day. This is a painting idea that people of any age can try out. Drawing and hanging three to four flower paintings of different colors together can also give an aesthetic look to your house.

Mother’s Day Flower Paintings


35. Watercolor Flower Pop Art

Another excellent flower painting idea even children can do to gift their mother on Mother’s Day is Watercolor Flower Pop Art. Free printable pop art templates are readily available on the internet, and you can print and use markers, watercolors, or oil pastels to color them. You can also add glitters, beads, and other sequences if you want to.

Watercolor Flower Pop Art


36. Egg Carton Flowers

Making Egg Carton flowers is an easy DIY-painted gift you can give your mother on Mother’s Day. The supplies needed to make the gift are an Egg carton (not foam), acrylic paints of your desired colors, and paint straw, along with other essentials like brushes, scissors, glue, etc. You just have to paint the egg carton with the paint and attach the straw to its end after painting it green to resemble the stem.

Egg Carton Flowers

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37. Galaxy Spray Paint Art

There is no better-painted art gift you can give your mother to say she is out of the world other than that Galaxy Spray Paint Art. You can use purple, teal, and white paint to get a starry galaxy-like sky. You can paste a paper in the shape of your hand onto a black cardstock and spray paint a mixture of the colors mentioned above to complete the Galaxy Spray Paint Art.

Galaxy Spray Paint Art

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38. Marbled Nail Polish Mug

Which mom doesn’t like a hot cup of coffee every morning to start her day well? So, a customized handpainted marble nail polish mug is an excellent gift for your mother on Mother’s Day. All you need to make this painted gift is a ceramic cup, preferably dark-colored nail polish, and water.

Marbled Nail Polish Mug

Strength and Sunshine

Drop a nail polish color into the water you took from a bowl and immediately dip the ceramic mug onto it by leaving the lip area. Take the cup out and let it dry, and you will have your Marbled Nail Polish mug ready to be gifted to your mother.

39. Ladybug Coffee Mug

If your mother uses a basic ceramic cup to drink her daily coffee, you can upgrade it to a cute-looking ladybug mug to help her have a little smile every morning on seeing it. You can paint a simple ladybug in different colors onto a ceramic coffee cup and have a cute painted gift ready to give your mother on Mother’s Day.

Ladybug Coffee Mug

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40. Marble Painting Heart Card

A marble Painting Heart Card is an easy gift to give your mother for Mother’s Day. A child can easily make this painted gift idea using shaving foam and liquid food coloring. Mix a combination of food colors with the shaving foam and dip a heart-shaped card in it. Then, use a ruler to remove all the excess foam from the marble-painted heart card.

Marble Painting Heart Card


41. Bubble Wrap Painted Firm

Another great painted gift idea is a bubble wrap painted frame, which you can use to hold a picture of you and your mother. All you need for this cute frame gift idea is a basic wooden picture frame, bubble wrap, and colorful paints. You can dip the bubble wrap in different paint colors and stamp it all over the edge in a combination of your choice. To make it prettier, add heart or flower embellishments in a corner.

Bubble Wrap Painted Firm


42. Pebble Heart Wall Decor

If you can get some suitable pebbles, you can make a pebble heart wall decor to gift your mother on Mother’s Day. You can stick pebbles onto a rectangular wooden board in the shape of a heart and paint the insides of it using red acrylic paint. You can then attach a ribbon to make the hanger for the wall decor, and the gift is ready.

Pebble Heart Wall Decor



Hand-painted gifts are great DIY ideas for your mother this Mother’s Day. The time, effort, and dedication you put into such gifs will communicate how much you love your mother and your appreciation for her. Not only will painting gifts bring a big smile to her face, but she will also cherish them for years to come.

This article has discussed 42 painted gift ideas you can make to gift your mother on Mother’s Day. The list will help you find the perfect painted gift idea you can make on your own for your mother and make her the happiest on her special day.

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