Top 80 Blogs on Crafts to follow in 2023

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When trying to design or create a craft masterpiece, one might need some inspiration and ideas. A craft blog is one such place that provides insight and practical help. It opens the door to another sphere where there is something for everyone. Be it an inducive craft, the inspiration of future projects, guidance, techniques and tips, and even some hacks and tricks to enhance your craft and your craftmanship. The ideas and guidance are everlasting, be it origami, quilting, sewing, decorating, embroidery, ceramics, and many more. It fosters every type of craftsmanship and art. Following or seeking brilliance from a craft blog makes your DIY better.

Benefits of Craft Blogs:

Craft blog adds as a book every student need in order to excel and achieve excellence. The following are the benefits of pursuing a crafting blog.

• Acts as an everlasting guidance: The blog represents similar or future designs and finished products of your project. This helps you get a vision of how your product will look at every stage of its production. This helps the designer make changes accordingly and enhance their DIY.

• Tips, Tricks and Techniques: The crafts blog not only lets you see your future product before this completion but also provides various tips and tricks that save your time, materials, and energy. The method of achieving a desired design or product and techniques adds to the craftsmanship. Be it any type of paper cutting or a special gift, and you can find everything.

• Reduces Slip-ups: The crafts blog mentions and explains every stage of the craft and art, this guideline lets you foresee and learn your does and don'ts of the DIY, hence omits the chance of any slip-ups or mistakes.

• Rulebook for DIY: The crafts blog presents the required materials one needs to undertake the DIY. The types of paper and sheets required, the amount of glue or adhesive, types of beads, and many more. It helps you see what you need and plan your DIY according to your budget.

So, following a DIY crafts blog is beneficial of any type of art and crafts.

Types of Crafts:

There are various forms of arts and crafts websites are adding to the beauty of a masterpiece. The kind of crafts blog one should follow and seek depends on the type of craft one is planning to pursue. Following are the types of crafts:

1. Glass and Ceramics arts:

diy blogs

This type of type include molding and shaping the object. Ceramics art includes sculptures, dishes, pots, and many other purposes. The process involves shading the clay and hardening it with heat. Ceramics are usually obtained from mixing clay with glass. Artists also use glass in many practical methods. But the object becomes more robust when a glass bottom is added to the mixture of ceramics.

2. Textile and fiber crafts:

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This type of craft requires the creation of a piece using any textile or fabric. This is known as the most primordial type of craft. Earlier, this craft was completed manually only, but now there are modern machines to achieve the finished good that too in large quantities. The crafts process includes various steps. The most used techniques in this craft-type are weaving, sewing, embroidery, bleaching, and much more. This craft results in clothing that is one of the essentials for everyone. So, it's is also used as a method of expressing themselves.

3. Flower Crafts:

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Flower crafting includes all the types and techniques of craft and art that encompass flowers and leaves. This art was famous in early Egypt. Flowers represented the process of rebirth, so they were known for a spiritual prominence. Decorating houses with various flower arrangement was common among early Egyptians. Their perfumes added to the advantage, and several types of ointments were made from them. The art includes making pressed flowers, bouquet designing, ikebana, and beyond. Many other types of flower crafting are also popular such as origami in Japan. The methods are different for different types of flowers. The cutting and trimming vary according to the length of the petals.

4. Mixed Media Crafts:

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This type of craft comprises the process of integrating a wide range of media and material to design an art or craft. The most popular kind of mixed media area collages and assemblages. Crafter uses various materials for a mixed media design. The materials are usually integrated on cloth, paper, plastic items, wood, and even metals. The crafters can get many extraordinary effects with mixed media. The 3-dimensional effect is the most popular method and technique. Nowadays there are mixed media in digital form as well, also known as graphic designing.

5. Needlework Craft:

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This craft uses a needle to design any product. This craft is a broad category, as it consists of several techniques. This craft is a bit similar to fabric and textile craft. The methods sewing, crocheting, knitting, tatting, and quilting are analogous. This craft form is also ancient. This technique is used in weaving woolen clothes like sweaters and scarfs. The color combination and variety add to the beauty of the craft piece. Usage of beads and pearls are also common.

6. Paper Crafts:

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This is the most widely used and practiced form of art. As the name suggests, the essential material is paper and paper sheets. The popular paper crafts techniques are paper marbling, embossing, decoupage, quilling, scrapbooking, and many more. The term paper, also known as papyrus, is widely used for many purposes. Many crafts include soaking and drying the paper and then molding it in the desired shape. There is a whole new sphere of paper creations. The creation of product using paper has involved over time, and each evolvement enhances the end product.

7. Wood Crafts:

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The products incarnated from woods are called wood crafts and art. The profit work goes back to ancient times. This material is one among the oldest that human has worked with and used in their day to day activities. The most common form of wood-crafting ideas is wood burning, furniture making, cabinet and box making, carpentry, and carvings. The large variety of types of wood, adds to the advantage of this beautiful craft type. This craft requires a great deal of practice and expertise to become a master wood craftsmanship. Each type of tree has it a bunch of unique properties that result in particular uses and strengths.

8. Stone Crafts:

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This type of craft consists of creative carvings and designs on stones and marbles. This type of craftsmanship is known as stonemasonry. The crafter's design and create monuments, bridges, buildings, sculptors, and many more with this craft type. The famous stone crafts are Egyptian Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, Stonehenge, the moai heads of eater islands, and many more. There are various categories of stones available for designing the stone craft. There are even colored stones present. Metamorphic, sedimentary, igneous rocks are some examples of types of stone. But the most common type of stone in stonemasonry is sandstone and limestone. The techniques for stone crafts are chisels, mallets, metal straightedges.

9. Decorative Crafts:

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This type of craft includes furniture making, stenciling, metalwork, gilding, stained glass, basketry, and spongeware. It also comprises of toy making and other products that result in a décor piece as a final result.

10. Fashion Crafts:

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This type of craft includes all the components of decorating and dressing the human body such as leatherwork like handbags, belts, shoes, and more, hats, jewelry, and clothes. These crafts interconnect with the other elements as jewelry can be designed by clothes and metalwork by sewing and sledding. This craft type includes a wide range of materials such as fabrics, canvas, leather, nylon, wool, and linen.

Efficacious and incredible crafts blogs:

As now the crafter knows the types crafts. Get ready to dive into the pool of best craft blogs. Following are the leading and useful crafts blogs, that provides everything for every crafter.

1. Pinterest:

idea for craft

This famous craft blog has millions of users. The blog is a great source for a source of inspiration and guidance. But the most imperative issue is learning from these crafts blog and enhancing your DIYs. This blog provides what's all out there. You can create virtual boards and pin your liked and favorite DIYs. Also, you can create your page and board that others can take inspiration from.

2. A Beautiful Mess:

just craft it blog

This successful and huge blog is handled by Emma and Elsie, who are also sisters. This crafts blog comprises of DIY project blogs of various crafts types like fashion, jewelry, DIYs for skincare, haircare, and fitness. Also, there are delicious DIYs on food and recipes that promote a creative and healthy lifestyle. Follow this blog to enhance your craftmanship and DIYs.

3. Design Sponge:

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This popular and successful crafts blog embodies shopping and travel. But the DIY segment is something that is equal to a treasure chest for the world of crafters. The blog comprises everything from home décor to home renovation, designing a new shelf to enhance your house or the get a marvelous and flamboyant paper flower preparation for your house party, or a perfect color design. The crafts blog is full of inspiration and ideas.

4. Bluprint:

This distinctive crafts blog represents the freshness and beauty of arts like woodwork, gardening, cake decorating, and everything one can ask for. The crafts blog also organizes online DIYs classes and tutorials, offering various courses on different topics. Like a cherry on top, this craft blog also provides and sells crafts supplies. This special offering makes it easy for a crafter to stock up and store materials to undertake any craft project. Being a craft blog, it also provides tips, tricks, and techniques to improve your skills and craftsmanship. Be it a watercolor method or a stitching technique. The blog has all.

5. Hello Hydrangea:

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These crafting blogs are owned and organized as a brand of Lindsey Campbell. This crafts blog is all around and about weaving. The craft blog offers inline sessions and tutorials. The sessions consist of teaching weaving from basics to advanced methods. She has also launched a weaving book called welcome to weaving and the modern guide for budding weavers. This craft blogs are known for the amazing and resourceful tricks and tips for the viewers to enhance and improve their weaving skills and craftsmanship.

6. Honestly WTF:

top diy home decor blogs

This blog is mainly about lifestyle and health. The segment of DIY comprises of tutorial sessions about everything from a simple hall hanging to decorative and designer straw bags. The craft blog keeps up with the current and trending art projects that are explained in detail with easy guidelines and steps.

7. Paper and Stitch:

skip to my lou blogspot

This crafts blog has various categories and segments like paper goods, weekend or holiday projects, and holidays. There is a whole new sphere to discover in each category of this crafts blog. The unique offering about this craft blog is insights and advice on interior designing that are further subcategorized by color, style, room, and interest.

8. P.S. – I Made This:

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This craft blog is created and run by Erica Domesek. The focus of the craft blog is to provide empowerment and inspiration to the crafters and budding artists around the globe to grow the inner-creativity and contain the never-ending DIYs. The crafts blog is easy to browse and operate and offers many craft projects with simple and stress-free instructions.

9. Purl Soho:

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This craft blog is started in New York City. It specializes in needlecrafts. The crafts blog is categorized according to the projects. The website excels in crocheting, knitting, felting, and every form and type of needlework craft. There are never-ending creativeness and ideas, along with a special section called "create." Follow this needle crafts blog for your next needlework and get inspired by its unique designs and ideas.

10. The Spruce Crafts:

paper craft blogs

This crafts blog is categorized according to the type of crafts. And they are further sub-categorized as paper crafts, needlecrafts, beadwork, woolen crafts. Further, they also divide craft projects on the basis of the skill sets of the craftsman, such as craft projects for advanced crafters and for budding and new crafters. There are various articles and blogs for budding crafters that explain the basics of methods and techniques for weaving and stitching. One famous article is 15 stitches every embroider should know, while the advanced crafters enjoy the open patterns and project advice.

11. Heart handmade:

sewing craft blogs

This is a special crafts blog for DIY tutorials in crafts like crochets, lettering, papercrafts, and origami. It features excellent tips and designs to renovate office and home.

12. Lovely Indeed:

best home diy blogs

This crafts blog was organized by Chelsea. This blog is famous for DIY projects at the wedding. The crafts blog is a one-stop destination for every DIY one needs for a wedding like a photobooth wall inspirations and endearing accents for the home such are paper mache bowls, air plant cups, and leather passport holders. This craft blog provides everything for every small part of your day and life that one should have.

13. Almost Makes Perfect:

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This crafts blog is owned and started by a freelance editor and designer, Molly. This crafts blog features some mad and mind-blowing DIY and crafting projects that speak the language of art through projects and crafty handmade stuff. Be it a birthday gift or a valentine's day present. The blog has unique and special ideas and designs. Chic copper handled salad servers, dip-dyed candlesticks and coasters are some examples of the offerings of the crafts blog.

14. Little Green Notebook:

diy & craft

The craft websites hold inspiration for interior designing. From many small scale projects to many famous DIYs, from large space requiring projects to hardly requiring space projects, it has everything.

15. Weekday Carnival:

diy crafting websites

This crafts blog was started by a designer and blogger of Finnish nationality, Riikka Kantinkoski. The blog presents products and crafts that are perfect for any interior design. Most craft products are from wood, metals, and concrete heavy home inflections. Unlike most crafts blog this website provides unique products like geometric pipe lampshades, concrete tabletops and clean, classy hangers for coats and scarfs.

16. Aunt Peaches:

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This craft blog offers a unique set of products and inspiration. It displays DIYs from products that non-crafters have in their houses. The blog creates sparkly, mind-blowing, and fun DIYs with the normal stuff of non- crafters. There are also tutorial sessions on silk ties dyed Easter eggs, cherry blossoms of coffee filters, jewelry displays from recycled political signs. This represents unconventional methods combined with creativeness projects.


do it yourself bloggers

This crafts blog is a community with free ideas and inspiration for the crafters and DIY projects. This blog provided oceans of advice, suggestions, inspiration, and techniques to undertake any craft project. There are also free of cost craft patterns, craft tutorials and craft projects available.

18. Crafts on Sea:

kids craft blog

This crafts blog provides something for the kids, especially for the rainy Sunday. It presents costumes of superheroes and cartoons for DIY projects and fun products for small children and toddlers. There are also inspirational DIY ideas for parents who have a creative side and are into crafts and arts.

19. Claireabellemakes:

christmas crafts blogs

The crafts blog is known as the globe's foremost Etsy educators, owned and run by Claire Wilson. It teaches and educates the sellers on how to begin a business online based on creativity. This is among the top DIYs craft blogs.

20. Britco:

diy projects blogs

This crafts blog represents and symbolizes the fun-loving and free spirit of the crafters, who enjoy the creativity and color and inspires and helps other crafters. This DIY blog symbolizes that deeper meaning of crafts, something that goes beyond the glitter, glue, and sparkles. It covers all the facets of the modern lifestyle combing diversity with craft.

21. Love. Life. Yarn:

fashion diy blogs

This craft blog specializes in the modern techniques and trends in crochet making and knitting and weaving. This crafts blog is run by Amanda Saladin, a mother who teaches knitting and is a fiber artist and a designer. The blog is best for learning creative knitting and weaving scarfs and other stuff for the whole family with trendy and unique patterns.

22. Underground Crafter:

fashion diy blogspot

This crafts blog is run and owned by Marie Segares. She is a crochet designer, a successful craft blogger, and a knit designer whose incredible mind makes this craft blog a success and interesting. The craft blog consists of various craft projects, knitting patterns, crochet designs, tutorial videos, and DIY steps, food recipes, and many more creative things that will grab your attention. Her famous blogs are also published in various magazines and newspapers such as I like knitting, I like crochets, crochet world, inside crochet, love of knitting, love of crochet, quick and simple crochet booklet and also pom quarterly. Check this blog if you are really into knitting and crochets.

23. Pillar Box Blue:

how to be crafty

This successful craft blog is for crafters and artists who really fancy DIYs. This craft blog is all about doing it yourself and provides tutorials every week to upcycle the craft. It has products and DIY projects to enhance and charm up your house with its homemade designs and crafts. The ideas and projects area quite wide-ranging and idiosyncratic, but they are unique as the blog creates them on their own. So, check this craft blog out and get advice, ideas, and inspiration which this blog is famous for.

24. Haak Maar Raak:

paper craft blogspot

This unusually named craft blog is owned by Kirsten. She is a home designer and decorator, who also specializes in crochet as well as blankets designing and making. This craft website is famous for modern, trendy, and colorful pieces of art. The boog is famous for DIYs on designing and making pillows, crochets, and blankets, as well as doilies, shawls, potholders, coasters, scarves, and other similar products. So, looking for some inspiration, get a look at this crafts blog.

25. Repeat Crafter Me:

papercraft blogs

This positively named crafts blog is owned and run by Sarah, who is a crafty and an art lover and loves creating something. The blog has to craft tutorials and DIYs projects on crochet designing and weaving. You can find exclusive and astonishing crochet designs here at this craft blog. So, go on and get your inspiration from this mind-blowing and creative blog and let it inspire you.

26. Moogly:

websites for crafters

This craft blog has a cute story behind getting its name. The owner and mind behind this craft blog coined this name from her daughter, who was a toddler at that time when she gave this word. It means anything that is silly, teeter-tottery, off the killer, or wobbly. This blog was later transformed into a knit and crochet business, that relaunched her work but later stopped her work on a commission basis and decided to use her love for designing to inspire others. The crafts blog cum knit and crochet business heart designs and patterns that will woo the visitor and inspire them. The craft blog highlights crochet, knitting and world domination.

27. Dabbles and Babbles:

craft blog name

This craft blog was started in 2013. This crafting website is known as the go-to place for everyone who wants to be a crafter or artist or who wants to learn to be a maker or designer for anything, be it a novice, an expert, or a kid, the blog is for all. The blog encourages everyone to dive in the creativeness and dabble in the art. The craft blog has tutorials on DIYs and sessions that encourage you to get your hands dirty and discover the creative artist and crafter inside you. The bog helps you at every stage of your DIY project with techniques and tips.

28. So Sew Easy:

crafting blogs with tutorials

The craft blog is owned and run by someone who had been sewing and designing all her life. She uses resources and materials that are out there on the internet for free, so she can design patterns and share them with others. The DIY craft blog captures and depicts her sewing journey through her life. The website has enormous amounts of patterns for sewing and knitting for you to take inspiration and try them on your own and create your little DIY project with ease. You can get tips on sewing dresses, bags, bag handles, blouses and another various designer stuff for you to try.

29. My French twist:

crafts blogs

This creatively named craft blog was launched by Wendy in 2007. This craft is a wrap idea blog that started as one of the cottage industry but transformed quickly into a national wholesaler website known for its astonishing and beautiful embroidered handmade items. Later she sold this website and moved on to the back burner projects kept in her cupboard. Check this blog to get inspirations and ideas for embroideries and design and other décor ideas and newsletters such as home décor, gardening, and plantation, pantry metal, and advice for the creation of art and craft. Check this craft sites and get what you need to create your masterpiece, be it inspiration, ideas, techniques, tips and some tricks that will ease the process.

30. Mary Martha Mama:

crafty business

The craft blog is owned by Cat, and it has her heart. The aim of the craft blog is to provide inspiration, motivation, and ideas. It also aims to encourage others to get their hands in crafts and try other and new ideas. The craft blog encourages others from picking up a glue gun and create a craft to sewing designer stuff and materials. There is every type of tutorial present in this craft blog that has helped many artists out and provided them the support to use their crafty potential to try something new and create something new. So, check this craft blog out and get the inspiration you are looking for and use the help and expert advice to achieve your masterpiece.

31. Tikkido:

how to start a diy blog

This craft blog is an abridged spelling of Tykki-dyw. It means a butterfly in Cornish language and also the owner and bloggers' daughter's nickname. The crafts blog provides DIYs and recipes for food dishes. It also has various tutorials and sessions to guide and provide encouragement and muse to the viewers. So, check out this website for recipes and other DIYs.

32. Melody’s Makings:

recycled crafts blog

This craft blog is known for its unique crochet and knit designs and patterns. The craft blog also presents a lot of overwhelming freebies and free resources. You just need to join the group or community to start the creative journey. There is always inspirational patterns, joy, and yarn to get going and start your masterpiece project.

33. The Stitchin’ Mommy:

be crafty blog

The craft blog is run by a freelancer Amy Ramnarine. She is crocheting and knitting from 2009. The craft blog was started in 2012 to uplift and advertise her Etsy shop and her homemade products. There are various patterns and designs available for inspiration and ideas to take on.

34. Vicky Myers Creations:

best diy craft blogs

This blog for budding crafters and artists who want to create and design something. The blog alone needs to start crafting. The blog provides encouragement to spend your free time in crafting activities and nurture your creativeness to enhance the balance of your life and start crafting.

35. Oombawka Design Crochet:

blog craft

This craft blog was designed and started by Rhondda. She shares her crochet projects and patterns with the viewers. There are little stuffed toys DIYs also available on the website. So, check this craft blog and get your inspiration and ideas on point.

36. Nourish and Nestle:

blogs like a beautiful mess

This craft blog provides DIYs for baking, creating, knitting, gardening, and much more. If you like to bake and garden, knit and weave, draw and design, this is your place to get started with your DIYs. The crafts blog has various DIYs projects to make your home nestled and comfy. The DIYs craft blog on home décor and styling are quite extensive, so check out the DIY crafting ideas and get some inspiration.

37. Cucicucicoo:

craft blog directory

This uniquely named craft blog is owned and run by the blogger Lisa, who is an expert in handmade stuff. The DIYs are for handmade fanatics. The craft blogs support the use of recyclable and reusable material. So go on and start the creative fun.

38. Ideal Me:

craft diy websites

This crafts blog provides DIYs recipes and shakes for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The blog helps you to get big goals and achieve them by dividing them into smaller ones and succeed in living the ideal life you wish to.

39. Loopingly Made:

craft websites for adults

This craft blog is a chronicle one. It is known as the endless world of crochets. The craft blog encourages to crochet as long as possible, as much as possible, and as many patterns as possible. The blog is easy to use and navigate. It inspires, provides ideas and feelings to create something new.

40. Crochet 365 Knit Too:

crafty business ideas

The blog is operated by the creative blogger Cheryl. The blog has DIYs on knitting and designing but majorly for crochet. The idea of the blogger behind the craft blog is to use crochet designing for relaxing and peace. It lets the mind and soul feed on creativity. Check these crafts websites for getting inspirations and ideas.

41. Whimziville:

crafty diys

This craft blog is owned and run by blogger Patty Thurlby who is a full-time designer and artist, and hence the name of the blog as she has a whimsical line of view. The craft blog depicts the way to start a creative adventure and get inspired for new ideas. The original love and serendipity is what makes this crafts blog unique.

42. Crochet for you:

create and craft blog

This craft blog is run by the blogger Erangi Udeshika. This crafts blog has an inspirational story as it gave life and meaning to the blogger after her critically life-endangering disease. The craft blog depicts her journey of inspiration and love for crochet and her designs that let you feel her voyage and get inspired.

43. Easy Peasy Creative:

diy craft project ideas

This crafts blog was started in 2012, titled originally as the seaman mom. This craft blog harbors sewing techniques and methods, DIYs and other craft, simple yet yummy food recipes, gardening tips, homemade natural products, homemaking tips and many other tricks to ease up your work.


diy crafting ideas

This craft blog has over 1400 free of cost craft projects and DIYs that are for use for any season and any holiday of the year and any celebration. It also provides free templates of many crafts, printables, and more than a hundred individual step by step tutorials that explains with pictures craft projects that will let encourage you to get your hands dirty into some creative craft. Be it a birthday card, a home décor piece, a special card, or a handmade gift for someone special. The blogs have all. It even has easy yet inventive projects for kids.

45. The Lavender Chair:

mommy craft blogs

The craft blog is run and owned by the blogger Dorianna Rivelli. The craft blog depicts hundreds of free of charge designs and patterns for crochet and knitting invented and created by her. You can also find various products and wall hangings made from crochet and knitting.

46. Restyled Junk:

primitive craft blog

The craft blog is run and owned by the very creative and enthusiastic Cyndee. One can find craft items made by her under the label Kro Crafts, at a local garden store, also at various craft shows and at her Etsy shop on the internet. The blogs consist of all her designs and crafts over 20 years and also her writing on the topics of craft designing.

47. Apple Green Cottage:

primitive crafting blogs

The craft blog is owned and created by Damjana, who is the designer behind the creative posts on the blog. The blog consists of simple and easy to understand tutorials on sewing and to make patterns that anyone can use and learn. The craft blog helps you get the hold sewing while enjoying the work.

48. Divine Debris:

quirky blogs

The craft blog is owned and run by the creative Amber. The craft blog fancies yarn, comic books, and coffee. One can also find easy DIYs on making jewelry and designing knitting patterns. The blog and the blogger have a mention in the magazine happily hooked, on red heart yarns', pattern pack pro, and many more. So, get inspiration craft from this website on yarn, knitting designs, crochet and jewelry designing.

49. Ef Zin Creations:

sewing and crafting blogs

The craft blog is run by the blogger Zina, who fancies old and antique materials. The craft blog has DIYs on how to recycle the old materials and reuse them to create something new and fascinating. One can find great sustainable tips and embroidery techniques and knowledge.

50. Plenty of color:

starting a craft blog

This blog was started by Vancouver and, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the fascinating and astonishing color. It offers a wide range of information and knowledge to a devoted color and stirs one's inspiration.

51. Yatzer:

top craft websites

This craft blog is not the usual kind of craft blog. It is an online place that offers the viewers and readers to follow and discover the most pleasing inventive projects and artists in the fashion, art, design, hospitality, architecture and many more segments from around the globe.

52. Folksy Blog:

best arts and crafts websites

The craft blog is known as being helpful and valuable for modern and trendy British crafts and art. This is a marketplace where one can find many seller tips and tricks, latest innovations for crafters and industry news, to keep the modern crafters up to date.

53. Oh Happy Day:

best diy craft websites

This craft blog is one of the wonderful blogs by creative bloggers. It has a planet of ideas and inspiration for every DIY and every DIY artist and crafter. A holiday, celebration, or a party, venture, or interior has something for everything, so check it out.

54. Oh Joy:

craft blog name ideas

This is a lifestyle blog that helps in leading a healthy and happy life. Apart from the craft tutorials it offers, it also offers something every viewer will appreciate, that is food and diet plans, lifestyle and homemade serums.

55. Pie in the sky:

craft bloggers network

This crafts blog is another among the blogs excelling handmade and lifestyle crafting. There are a lot of crafting ideas and projects with simple and easy to understand tutorials explained step by step to enhance your craft and crafter inside you. Apart from the crafty deal, it also offers lifestyle, home and health tips.

56. Fine little day:

craft blogs uk

This spreading and happy craft blog is inconsistent and offers a wide range of crafts and creative inspirations for the crafters. All things crafty and classy can be found at this website, so check it out for some happy DIYs.

57. Hooked:

craft studio business

This is a craft blog based on street art. It shares street art, graffiti, ephemeral arts, tags, zines, screen printings, and many illustrations. So, check it out for some artistry and crafty inspirations and ideas.

58. Craft Gossip:

diy lifestyle blog

The craft blog was started in 2007. It fancies handmade ideas for gifts and DIY crafts for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and more. It includes projects for kids as well including news and events, book and product reviews, inspirations giveaways and many more, from knitting crochet to sewing, even crafts made from edible crafts and clay.

59. Craftgawker:

most popular diy blogs

The craft blog lets you share, search, discover, and connect with arts and crafts. There are many DIYs and their tutorials for your upcoming projects. It also has a segment dedicated for designing your own clothes and phone cases and gardening and décor.

60. 5 – minute crafts:

popular diy blogs

This is a very known and famous craft blog that has easy to understand and make DIY tutorial videos. It includes super funny and valuable tutorials, life hacks, creative uses of products, and wastes. You can also check out their channel on YouTube, which is the most subscribes YouTube channel and learn a lot from this craft blog.

61. Crafts by Amanda

best blogs 2018

This craft blog is run and owned by the blogger Amanda Formaro. The craft blog has many simple and creative DIYs for kids, adult crafts, recycled craft, painting, green craft, decoration and wedding and holiday crafts, and ocean of DIYs assignments as well. The craft blog is known as the one for creating something out from nothing, by using and taking all type of recycled and reclaimed materials and items.

62. Factory Direct Craft:

craft names list

This craft website provides the customers the most out of the box primitive materials for decoration, basic supplies for crafts and art and much more at factory prices. It also has a different and special wholesale offering for those owning business.

63. Frankie Magazine:

trending crafts to sell 2017

The craft blogs provide latest trends, new methods, new DIYs, homemade stuff, and events in the industry of crafts and arts from Australia. So, check this blog out for latest news and trends.

64. Hobbycraft Blog:

top selling crafts 2018

The craft blog provides inspiration for crafters and a place to generate the interest in craft in budding artists. There are tutorials and advice and help and guidance for craters. Get new ideas and new DIYs for décor and gifts. So, confused about a DIY project then check this blog out and get your top craft ideas.

65. Tip Junkie:

trending crafts 2017

The craft blog provides creative tips, techniques, and tricks for crafts and DIYs projects. It also includes life hacks with pictorial step by step guidance and instructions to ease up and fasten your life. The craft blog promotes and provides creativity of women through services, products and tutorials.

66. Craftbits:

craft diy

The craft blog provides around 1000's of free of cost handmade projects and DIYs, gift ideas and sewing, crochet, and knitting patterns. The craft blog offers a wide range of crafts ideas and inspirations for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Easter eggs DIYs and much more.

67. Paper Source:

skip to my lou blogspot

This website is more than a craft blog and more like a foremost paper store that offers a unique variety of gift wrappings, unique gifts, wedding invitations, and crafts and stationery.

68. Craft With Us:

craft blogs 2016

This craft blog is owned and run by the blogger Lia Griffith. She is a maker, designer, and an expert in handcrafted lifestyle. The craft blog shares the DIY projects and unique paper flower designs created by her. The craft blog inspires millions of crafters and artists to connect and network on the basis of art and craft, through regular DIY projects, videos and tutorials and many more.

69. Skip To My Lou:

craft blogs 2017

This craft blog inspires and encourages the viewers to create, craft, and celebrate through art and crafts with easy and simple sewing projects, kids crafts, teacher appreciation, many gift ideas, holiday décor, and handmade gift ideas. Check this craft blog for new and trendy craft designs.

70. Live.Craft.Love:

This craft blog is known as the craft inspiration and trending new blogs in the crafting industry. The craft blog provides weekly tutorials on craft DIYs with new offering with every new tutorial and craft industry.

71. A Girl and a Glue Gun:

craft inspiration

This sophisticatedly named craft blog provides tips and tricks that are easy and fast and used a glue gun. The hacks and techniques are for vinyl, painting, sewing, and many more things. The highlight of the event is the fast and quick completion of the DIYs.

72. Blisty:

2018 crafts

This craft sites offer more than crafting ideas and DIYs. It provides various craft supplies and huge discounts on needlecrafts, paper crafting, kids art and craft, jewelry, and many more. So, check this blog out and get all the resources you need.

73. Favecrafts:

blog diy

This craft blog provides more than 1000's of free craft DIYs and projects, DIY tips, and home décor ideas. The blog adds new tips and projects regularly. The famous categories are Christmas crafts, free crochet patterns, free knitting patterns and crafting with small ones' projects.

74. Mod Podge Rocks:

diy blogs 2017

This craft blog is dedicated to providing the viewers and crafters the ultimate DIYs and projects on Mod Podge, how-torsos and an ocean of ideas for inspirations.

75. Handmade Charlotte:

top selling crafts 2017

The craft blog offers a wide range of regular doses of parties, DIY crafts, recipes, inspiring interiors and parties, and décor ideas to create a memorable evening. Check this blog out for celebrations and holidays.

76. The Crafty Blog Stalker:

best craft blogs 2016

The craft blog provides DIYs tutorials on home décor, crafts, sewing, knitting, paper crafting, and many more crafting activities. The DIYs are explained with step by step pictorial diagrams.

77. DIY Inspired:

craft ideas for 2020

The craft blog is a craft and majorly dedicated to DIY projects. The highlight of the craft blog is to encourage and inspire people to reuse, recycle and upcycle the old resources to create new DIY project.

78. Kids Craft Room:

popular crafts 2020

This craft blog, as the name suggests, is all about kids and kids' crafts. There are crafting DIYs and projects for all kinds of kids and all ages. This is the one-stop for a day round and year creativity and fun. So, check this blog out for new and fun craft projects for your lovely small ones.

79. Glued to my crafts:

best craft blog

This wittingly named craft blog is owned and run by the blogger Stacey. The craft blog contains hundreds of tutorials and dozens of tricks and tips. It inspires the crafter with witty hacks and one of a kind craft designs.

80. Crafter’s Companion:

best craft blogs 2016

The craft blog is owned and run by the blogger Sara and the rest of her team. The craft blog has a series of segments and categories for various new developments and tips and for special and unique uses of a particular item. It deals in papercraft, art, and coloring, craft essentials, sewing and needlecrafts, latest news and trends in the crafting industry.

So, choose your craft blog, get inspiration, and start your masterpiece, don't worry, there will always be someone to help you out and guide you through the project. Don't forget the hacks.

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