Top 10 Ways To Turn Your Dog or Cat Into a Bitmoji (2023 updated)

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turn your dog or cat into a bitmoji

Pet owners are always looking for ways to make their pet friends cute. They like painting their dogs with safe paints or dressing them up with cute cosmetics to make them look more adorable than they already are.

Pet owners often like to capture photos or commission Hand painted dog portrait to hang around the house. They even attempt to make pet paintings on their own because that is how much they like their cute little furry friends.

If you are such a pet owner, have you ever wondered how your pet would look as a bitmoji? There may not be a cuter way to make the photos you took of your pets cuter than converting them into bitmojis. You can even print them to make hangings and show pieces to make your house more appealing. Also, using them, you can create a toy for your pet to play with and appreciate.

Dog or Cat Into A Bitmoji



1. What is a Bitmoji?

2. Best 10 Ways To Turn Your Dog or Cat Into A Bitmoji

a. Bitmoji App
b. Pet Stickers and EMoji: PawMoji
c. Dog Photo Editor
d. Labradoodle or Goldendoodle Pet Emoji App
e. Emojipedia
f. Dog go art: My Pet Emoji Maker
g. Weinermoji - Dachshund Emoji App
h. Ultima PETmoji App
i. Dog Emoji Designer

3. Conclusion

What is a Bitmoji?

Bitmoji, as the name suggests, is a fun way of turning yourself or anyone into cartoonish emojis. You can turn yourself into a fantastic and hilarious bitmoji which can be a lot of fun while sending text messages. It can also be a creative and unique exercise to turn yourself into emoji avatars. You can use your bitmoji avatar as your profile picture on your social media handles.

cartoonish emojis


It can be more fun now that there are several applications that can help you turn even your pets into bitmojis. If it has always been your dream to turn your cute dog or cat into a bitmoji -like how you turn yourself into one using Snapchat or similar apps- below are the best ten applications you can use.

Best 10 Ways To Turn Your Dog or Cat Into A Bitmoji

There are plenty of applications that can change your pet's photographs to different kinds of portraits, even renaissance paintings. These sure are great and cute ways to celebrate your dog's life.

But turning them into bitmojis may be an even more adorable way to pay homage to your dog. You can also turn them into creative profile pictures, wall hangings, and showpieces. Here are the ten best applications that you can use to turn your dog or cat into a bitmoji:

1. Bitmoji App

Bitmoji App

Google Play

The first among all the bitmoji applications available in the Google Play Store and iOS store is, undoubtedly, Snapchat’s Bitmoji App. Snapchat was one of the first applications to introduce the avatar feature, and they were the ones who called it ‘bitmoji’. Their bitmoji feature was an immediate hit, one of the main reasons that Snapchat rose to fame as a social media platform.

Snapchat recently introduced an application that is free to use to customize your avatar. You can turn them into fun bitmojis and use them in any application with the help of their custom keyboard. However, you cannot exactly turn your pet dog or cat into a bitmoji using this Bitmoji App. There are many animal bitmojis available of different dog and cat breeds already set in the app, which you can add as a companion along with your bitmoji avatar.

bitmoji avatar

2. Pet Stickers and Emojis: PawMoji

One of the best applications available now in both the Google Play Store and the iOS app store to convert your cute dog pictures into bitmojis is PawMoji. You can turn your adorable dog or cat images into bitmojis or stickers based on your preference.


Google Play Store

The application also provides several preset stickers of dogs and cats that you can use while sending texts. PawMoji also offers a wide range of stickers and emojis that show emotions, including love, happiness, sadness, and excitement. They can be used to add a fun and playful touch to your conversations with friends and family members who are also pet lovers.

The application can also be accessed using your phone keyboard, making it easy to use pet emojis and stickers regularly in messaging applications and other social media websites.

Pet Stickers and Emojis

Google Play Store

3. Dog Photo Editor

Another application that can convert your dog pictures into pet emojis is the application called dog photo editor. As the name suggests, the application is the complete package to make funny edits to your dogs.

Dog Photo Editor

App Store Preview

Other than being capable of converting your dog pictures into bitmojis, the application can change the backgrounds of your pet pictures, add text, add cosmetics to your dog’s picture, and even make edits to move the dog’s mouth. Dog Photo editor is available in the iOS app store as well as in the Google Playstore.

4. DoodleMoji App

DoodleMoji App


There are several bitmoji and pet emoji apps that are available for just one breed of dog or cat. One such application is the Doodle application which can design unique emojis and stickers for Labradoodle and Golden Retriever dogs.

You may be familiar with the unique cute faces your Labradoodle or Golden Doodle makes when they look adorable and fluffy. The application can recreate all such poses and expressions into a bitmoji with its unique additions and animations. So it is the perfect bitmoji app for anyone who owns a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle. It is available on IOS and Android.

5. Emojipedia



Emojipedia is not an application but a website with many simplified bitmojis and emoticons of dogs and cats. As it is a website, you won’t be able to convert your dog or cat photograph, but there are emojis of almost any dog or cat breeds available. You can easily access them by searching for the kind of emoji you want on the website.

So, this is the perfect website if you want a quick dog or cat emoji. You can add the dog and cat emojis you download from the website to your keyboard and use them while you chat with your friends.

6. Dog go art: My Pet Emoji Maker

Dog go art

App Store Preview

Another perfect bitmoji maker app for your beloved pets is the Dog go art: My Pet Emoji Maker. It can convert your cute dog or cat pictures into even cuter bitmojis that are perfect for you to print and use however you want to. This application is, however, only available for iOS users.

perfect bitmoji maker app

App Store Preview

They can turn pictures of dogs or cats from any breed into pet bitmojis. The application has thousands of features you can use in billions of combinations to create the perfect avatar for your dog or cat.

7. Weinermoji - Dachshund Emoji App

Weinermoji - Dachshund Emoji App

Google Play Store

Many applications in Google Play Store and iOS store allow you to create, save and send Dachshund bitmojis to your friends. One such application is the Weinermoji app which converts your cute Dachshund pet pictures into a bitmoji.

The application allows you to give unique and different coat colors for your Dachshund. You can also choose between a long-haired or wire-haired coat for your dog. There are also different animations that you can add along with the bitmoji to make it look cuter.



8. Ultima PETmoji App

Ultima PETmoji App


Ultima PETmoji App can create bitmoji and avatars for your pet irrespective of whether it is a dog or a cat or what breed they belong to. Even though it has the word App, it is a website like Emojipedia and not an application.

Once you enter the website, you must select whether you have a dog or a cat. Then it will ask you to choose your dog or cat breed and what its name is. Once you fill in these necessary details, the website will create a bitmoji or avatar unique to your pet.



The website cannot accept photographs of your pet to convert them into a bitmoji. But, it creates unique avatars for each user and offers several results from which you can choose the one you want.

9. Emoji My Cat

Emoji My Cat

App Store Preview

Like how there are many bitmoji applications for dogs and different dog breeds, there is also an application dedicated to just cats. The Emoji My Cat application can convert your cat pictures into cute emojis and stickers based on your needs. The IOS application can create stickers by providing facial expressions in your cat’s pictures. You can use these stickers and emojis to add a fun and creative twist while chatting.

Cat application

App Store Preview

10. Dog Emoji Designer

Dog Emoji Designer

App Store Preview

Dog Emoji Designer is another application that can make bitmojis of your dogs. The IOS app can convert the picture of your dog into an avatar or bitmoji, no matter what the breed is. The application lets you edit the bitmoji further and customize it according to your desire.

You can also make a bitmoji of you and your dog sitting together. You can add backgrounds, themes, or borders to turn the bitmoji into an image. Many animations are also available in the Dog Emoji Designer application that can help make the bitmojis unique.


App Store Preview


Cats and dogs appeared as important subjects of art pieces throughout history to symbolize devotional relationships. In the contemporary world, we have several more effortless ways to pay homage to our beloved pets. Many applications can convert pet pictures into paintings, portraits, and even cute bitmojis. This article discusses ten such applications that can help you create your own petmojis. Hopefully, you found it helpful!

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