12 Best Face Swap Apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

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12 Best Face Swap Apps for iPhone and Android

You may have come across several tik-toks and reels featuring people with their faces swapped with others, celebrities, and even animals. If so, you might have wondered how you can also do the same and have a fun time.

Face Swap App


If you want to find out how you will look with another person's face on, you can use any face-swap application that uses digital face-swapping technology. With the rise of mobile innovations, countless face-swapping apps are now available on both the iOS Store and Android's Google Play Store platforms.

This article will highlight the 12 best face-swap apps for iPhone and Android, analyzed based on user reviews, features, and overall usability. If you are looking to add some humor to your social media feeds or have fun with your friends, these face-swapping apps are great tools guaranteed to provide you with hours of entertainment.

What Is A Face Swap App?

A face swap application lets users swap their faces into a painting ({Landing Page Title} - Put Your Face On Famous paintings) or a movie clip using advanced facial recognition technology. You can also switch faces with another person or even an animal in a photograph or video. Such applications detect and map facial features and swap them with another face in the same image or video.

best face-swap apps


Most face swap applications let you choose from a variety of preloaded images or videos to swap faces with. Some of these apps will also allow you to take a new picture or video using the app's camera function.

After selecting a photo or video from your camera roll that you want to see with a swapped face, you can choose the face to swap it with. Accordingly, adjust each face's size, position, and orientation to get the desired effect.

Since face-swapping pictures is the new trend on social media applications, it is also time for you to try this fun technique. Read on to find the app that works the best for you from the following list of the 12 best face-swap apps for iPhone and Android.

face-swapping pictures


Can You Face Swap Photos By Using An Android Phone?

Of course! You can easily swap faces in videos or photos on an Android phone. Many applications let you try this feature without any hassle. Snapchat, FaceApp, Face Swap Booth, and many more applications are available in both iOS Store and Google Play Store. So, nothing will stop you from trying out this new trend of face swaps, let alone the fact that you use an Android phone.

trend of face swaps


In the below section of the article, you will find more applications that are available for Android users. Among these, there are also ones that are only available in Google Play Store. Each of these apps is unique in its own way. Some require you to manually do the swapping, while others can automatically detect and make the necessary changes to your face.

You can choose the app you feel is apt from the list of 12 best face swap apps for iOS and Android based on your preference.

Can You Face Swap Photos By Using An iPhone?

Of course, you can access the feature of swapping faces in your iPhone using face-swap applications. Most such applications are available in the iOS store, and almost all of them are free to download. Some allow you to make in-app purchases to unlock more cool face-swap features.

switch faces apps


You can select an app from the following list of the 12 best face swaps for iOS and Android based on your preference. This might depend on whether you want to manually cut and paste faces over yours or have the app automatically detect and switch faces.

12 Best Face Swap Apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

1. Snapchat

You may be familiar with Snapchat, the social media application that lets you share photos and videos that disappear once your recipient receives them. It is widely prevalent among regular social media users and is estimated to have over 300 million active users.



If you are a regular user of the app, you may already know that it has a wide variety of unique filters and photo-editing tools, which is one of the many reasons for its popularity. Among the thousands of filters that Snapchat has, some come with face-swapping features, making it one of the best applications available on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Snapchat users can send photos or videos, called snaps, directly to friends or post them on their "Story," which is visible to all of their friends for 24 hours. With the face-swapping filters available in the application, you can send some entertaining snaps and post funny stories.

face-swapping filters


Snapchat has a search feature called ‘Explore’ that lets you search the filters you require. So, if you find it hard to find the apt face-swapping filters you want, search for them using this feature, and the app will provide you with a variety of options to choose from.

The application is free to download from Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

2. Copy Replace Face

Copy Replace Face is a fun application that lets you swap faces in pictures in a creative way. The application has excellent face-swapping and editing tools that allow you to align the rest of the body according to the face and customize the entire appearance to your desired visions.

Copy Replace Face

App Store Preview

The application allows you to copy and paste someone's face over your body. Additionally, it lets you take just parts of their face, like the eyes, nose, ear, or mouth, based on what you need. This feature is convenient and enables you to have a lot of fun creating a unique-looking face for the picture.

Another cool feature the application has is that it allows you to place multiple faces, one above the other, in layers. This feature is as fun as it sounds and will help you achieve a distinctive face for your photo with a different appearance altogether.

 face-swap application

Expert Photography

However, Copy Replace Face is only available in the iOS App Store. So, Android users will have to find a different alternative that is as fun as this face-swap application.

3. Face Swap Booth

The next application in this list of the 12 best face swap apps for iOS and Android is Face Swap App Booth. It is undoubtedly one of the best free apps of its kind available now. The application has several exciting features that let users experiment with face-swapping in photos and videos.

face swap booth

Google Play Store

Face Swap Booth automatically adds faces to your selected photo or video through its auto-detection feature. You can also swap around different faces in the application based on your preferences.

One of the greatest features of the application is that it has pre-loaded celebrity faces. So, it is easier to swap your face with that of your favorite celebrity in any photo of your choice. Another great feature of the application is that it lets its users correct any mistakes that the algorithm may make.

12 Best Face Swap Apps

Cellular News.Com

Most of the features of Face Swap Booth is free to use, and the app is available to download from both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. However, there are some in-app purchases that you will have to make if you wish to unlock more cool features.

4. Face Swap Live

Another promising application that you can use to swap faces in photos and videos is the Face Swap Live Application which is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The application lets you swap your faces with those of your friends, family, or coworkers in real time.

Face Swap Live

App Store Preview

That is, you have to open the camera option present in the app and pose with your friend. Face Swap Live will immediately swap your faces. You will have to adjust the frame and pose ideally in the camera viewfinder so that the app can swap your faces in the correct alignment. You can then choose to capture a photo or record a video.

Face Swap Live also provides many filters you can apply while taking selfies. So, it is not wrong to say that Face Swap Life is an all-in-one camera application.

Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live

5. FaceApp AI Face Editor

The application FaceApp AI Face Editor is perfect in that it lets you swap your face in any photo with that of your favorite celebrity. You can choose the face-swapping option in the app from its Photo-Editor section. This free face swap app provides a list of celebrity faces you can choose from to swap your face with theirs in any image.

FaceApp AI

Google Play Store

There is also the option of creating custom faces in the application. FaceApp AI Face Editor has over 60 realistic filters that you add to alter any facial features. With these filters, you can even create a new face altogether.

Among the other features and editing tools in FaceApp AI Face Editor, there are gender swap filters, different age filters, and a lot more to make you look the way you want to. These application features made it very popular as people started experimenting with how they would look when they are older or if they were of a different gender.

AI Face Editor


The most exciting thing about the application available in iOS App Store and Google Play Store is that it is absolutely free to use. The morphed pictures automatically save in your gallery or in the camera roll without you having to pay any subscription fees to access them.

6. Faceover - Photo Face Swap

Another application that must be mentioned in the list of the 12 best face swap apps for iOS and Android is Faceover. The application differs from some others mentioned in the article as it is not an app that lets you swap faces while taking pictures.

Faceover - Photo Face Swap

App Store Preview

The Face Over application is similar to photo editing apps that let you cut and paste another person’s face over yours. Being an editing app, it has a lot of effective editing tools that will allow you to create realistic face swaps.

The app, as mentioned above, lets you copy and paste the face of another person or even people from multiple photos over your face in a picture. After copy-pasting, you can carefully align the face well and resize or trim it accordingly to get the desired result.

Faceover application

Expert Photography

The one disadvantage of the Faceover application is that it is unavailable for Android Users. If you are an iPhone user, you can download the app from the iOS Store for free. To unlock more features, you can make in-app purchases or subscribe to the app's premium version for $6.99 for lifetime access.

7. Face Swap

Face Swap can be an alternative to the Faceover application for Android users. This free face swap app, unavailable in the iOS App Store, works exactly like the Faceover app. It provides many editing tools to swap faces by cutting and pasting.

Face Swap

Google Play Store

You can select images from your phone gallery from which you can cut the face of another human or animal and paste them on yours. The application also has a library of images from which you can take looks to swap with yours.

The application also provides many stickers and effects that you can apply to your pictures to make face-swapping more entertaining than it already is. Face Swap also lets you share your final result directly in any social media application, which is another excellent feature of the app.

social media application

Google Play Store

You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store if you are an Android user.

8. Instagram

While Instagram is not an application that is exclusively known as a face-swapping app, it has features that let you do so. Instagram is a widely popular social media application with many features, making it a one-stop app for capturing photos, editing them in unique ways, and posting them for your friends and family to see.


Google Play store

Among the many features the app incorporated from other popular applications, face swapping while capturing pictures with others is one of them. If you have trouble finding this feature in the application, you can effortlessly search for it using the ‘Browse Effects’ option on Instagram.

Instagram's face-swapping feature may not do the job as accurately as many other apps mentioned in this list. But the presence of this feature in this popular social media application makes it easier for you to swap faces with your friend in a photo or video and post it immediately without any other hassle.

Instagram's face-swapping

Make Use of

As you may already know, Instagram is available to download freely from both the Google Play Store and https://apps.apple.com/us/app/instagram/id389801252. So, if you want to have a quick face-swapping fun session with your friends or family members, using the feature provided by Instagram may be the easiest way.

9. Face Blender

Face Blender is a cool and creative face-swapping application that must be mentioned in this list of the 12 best face-swap apps for iOS and Android. This is a selfie-poster application that lets you swap your faces in a selfie with that of your friend, family, or even a celebrity.

Face Blender

Google Play Store

The main feature of Face Blender is that it provides a lot of templates on which we can paste our faces. So, once you have taken a selfie, all you have to do is choose a template from the many that are available in the app based on your preference. This application also lets you add additional images as add-ons to the selected template from your gallery to make the poster look unique and funny.

Face Blender is very user-friendly as it automatically pastes the face on your chosen template by doing all the work. It also does the aligning, trimming, and resizing accordingly so the face perfectly fits into the frame.

The nine hertz

The nine hertz

However, the application is only available on Android and not on iOS. So iPhone users will sadly have to find an alternative to Face Blender that is available on iOS App Store.

10. Reface

Another great application that you can use if you are looking to have fun swapping faces in pictures or videos is Reface. This is easily among the best face swap applications as it can make perfect deep fake videos that look flawless.


App Store Preview

With Reface, you can morph your face into that of any celebrity and create images, GIFs, or even videos. Once you make your favorite face swap filter edit, you can easily share it on your social media handles or send it to your friends or family with just a few clicks.

The application has several photos, meme templates, GIFs, videos, and even movie clippings that you can use to swap your face into them. Imagine how amazing it would be if you could swap your face in place of Robert Downey Jr.’s in the scene where his superhero character says, “I am Ironman”! You can do precisely this and more with Reface App, making it a tremendous face-swapping application.

The developers of the application add new content and templates every day, so there are countless options for you to choose from to experiment with face swapping. Once you have your result, you can save it easily onto your gallery or camera roll.

Tech Times

Tech Times

Reface is free to download for both iPhone and Android users from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, respectively. However, there are some in-app purchases that you must make if you wish to unlock more features.

11. Faceplay

Another famous and free face swap app that deserves to be on the list of the 12 best face swap apps for iOS and Android is Faceplay. The main feature of the application is that it provides several kinds of costumes on to which you can add your face.


App Store Preview

With the AI technology used in Faceplay, the application can automatically analyze a photo you selected from the gallery and turn it into a creative photo with a different look and background. The application also adds beautification features, thus making the final result gorgeous.

12 best face swap apps for iOS

Product Hunt

Faceplay is available for Android and iPhone users, so that you can download it for free from both Google Play Store as well as iOS App Store.

12. Funveo

Funveo is a popular camera application that comes with several features and filters to give its users a fun selfie-taking experience. Among the many features available in the application, one of them is face-swapping filters. Over thousands of hilarious face-swapping filters are available in the application that can guarantee you have fun taking selfies alone or with your family and friends.


App Store Preview

Funevo lets you try out the different free face swap filters while taking live pictures or videos. You can also upload photos from your camera roll and try how different face swap filters will affect your face or your friends in that picture.

The application is available in both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. However, Funevo goes by the name of Banuba in the Google Play Store. So, Android users make sure to search for the app in this name on Google play store.


Face-swapping in photos and videos can be a very entertaining way to kill time and have a nice laugh session with your friends and family members. This article has provided a list of the 12 best face swap applications that you can use to get in on the fun. Each app has its own set of unique features that can fulfill whatever may be your purpose for experimenting with face swapping.

Maybe you want to create meme templates or simply have fun by swapping your face with your friend's. Or you may want to feel like a celebrity by swapping their face with yours. Either way, you can choose the aptest app from this list of 12 Best Swap Apps for iOS and Android and let your imagination run wild!

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