75 Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

This entry was posted on January 20, 2022 by Shilpi Roy.

50th birthday is an important milestone for usually everyone.


It's a rather complex mixture of happiness and a little bit of gloominess. One one end, you are happy to have lived your life to the fullest and are starting to prepare for your retirement.

Moreover, on the other hand, you might have a lot of things to look back on. The missed opportunities, that first promotion, your first kid, and a lot more.

No matter what side of the coin the person is on, they deserve something special.

Something unique for the wonderful match they played here in their lives. So, why not make it special for the person who's turning 50?

Here's a list of 100 such items you can give to someone turning 50 this year.

1. Foot Spa

Foot Spa

A foot spa, yes. With the times around us being rather uncertain, a home spa foot spa might be a good option for your loved ones who just turned 50. It might just give them some relief after a tiring day at work.

2. Keys and Item Finder

Key and Item Finder

A key and item finder might be an amazing gift for someone just turning 50. If someone you know has a very busy schedule and is usually in a hurry, a key and item finder might be the perfect gift for them.

The key trackers these days usually come with an app that can be used to locate your keys or the smaller items. Grab one for them today!

3. Massage Pillow

Massage Pillow

Let your loved ones fall into the zen mode and make them forget life’s stress with a massage pillow. Massage pillows help keep the back and neck pains at bay. So, give your loved ones a reason to thank you after a long tiring day of work when they use the massage pillow.

4. Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paper White

For all the avid readers and book nerds, the Kindle devices are a blessing in disguise. If you have a decent amount of budget, then go ahead and buy one for them. It’s quite easy to handle and much easier on the eyes with its night settings.

5. Fitbit


It’s never too late. That’s the entire motive behind gifting someone a brand new Fitbit activity tracker. The Fitbit activity tracker might be a great gift for someone who’s deciding to turn to a healthy lifestyle in their fifties.

Give a boost to their morale by gifting them a fitness tracker that helps them track the progress they make.

6. Laptop


If you have a decent budget and the person you are gifting is someone who requires it, then a laptop is one of the most practical gifts you can go for. Not only will it be super useful to the person you are gifting to, but they might also even thank you if their existing laptop is giving them a hard time.

7. Scarf


Keep your loved one warm and stylish at the same time with a stylish scarf. Go for a scarf that keeps them warm. Moreover, make sure it sits well with their style and wardrobe before you gift it to them.

8. Smartwatch

Smart Watch

Smartwatches are the new normal these days. Gift a smartwatch to someone turning 50. Not only will it give them a better functionality overall but might just add a bit of ‘smartness’ into your wardrobe.

Moreover, if the person you are gifting it to is a tech enthusiast, they might just be pleased with it. Make sure you have a decent budget kept aside for this.

9. Vacation


Someone, you know just turning 50? There’s a probability that they might have a lot of things going on in their mind. The work stress, mid-life crisis, and whatnot. So, why not take them on a vacation? Make sure they get a little time for themselves and some time away from the hectic life they have been living till now.

10. Personalised Picture

Personalised Picture

Have a memory that you have with them? Why not frame it forever so it’s etched in your hearts? Get a personalised picture of you and them together and make them remember that moment again and again.
Get your portrait made here.

11. Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat is a health and leisure activity in one. Get your loved ones a yoga retreat to help them shed all the negativity and dive into some much-needed tranquillity, calm, and peace that they might need from the regular running of life.

12. Video Message

Video Message

Be at the helm of getting a video message prepared for their birthday. Get a personalized message from a list of people who they actually care about and surprise them with what all of them have to say.
This gift is surely a winner as it makes them go down memory lane.

13. Bracelet


A beautiful bracelet is something that’s been there since time immemorial and has played its role of versatility. Get your loved ones a beautiful bracelet.

14. Pendant


A pendant which isn’t just beautiful but is also something they might look forward to wearing every other day. Make it special or creative by personalizing it a bit. You can get their name inscribed, or get it made in the shape of something they like.

15. Wishes and Memory Jar

Wishes and Memory Jar

A DIY gift for all the creative people out there. A wish and memory jar is much like a bucket list. Get them a jar and some chits which they use to etch the fondest memories of their lives into their minds.

16. A Portrait


Yes, a portrait. This one will work as a wonder for anyone at any time. A portrait, sketch, or a caricature of them might make their mood elated and which they will look up to forever. You can get their portrait made and delivered to their place.

All you have got to do is get their photograph, give the specifications, and that's it. Check it out to know more.

17. Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike

The classic weight-loss gift. Give them an exercise bike for their 50th birthday, which makes them take the road to a healthier lifestyle in their fifties. An exercise bike is easily available and can be used in small spaces.

18. Portable Massaging Wrap

Massage Wrap

A portable massaging wrap might just be one of the best inventions yet. The portable massage neck wrap helps alleviate pain and stress around your neck. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy it for your loved ones.

19. Sports Shoes

Sports Shoes

A pair of running shoes. Simple yet effective. Motivate them to take their health more seriously in their fifties. Or if they are already into training, running, and working out then give them an upgrade from their existing shoes.

20. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Take them away from the stressful and mundane daily life into the land of tranquillity, peace, and calm. Motivate them to take up yoga and gift them a yoga mat that keeps them a step ahead.

21. Cook at Home

Cook At Home

Cook a sumptuous warm meal for your parents, siblings, or friends on their 50th birthday and treat them to their favorite meals. No wonder it will make them happy that you made such an effort.

22. Cigar Humidor

Cigar Hummidor

If someone you love likes to smoke a cigar once in a few days, then gifting them a humidor might be a good option. A humidor is like a refrigerator for cigars.

It ensures that the cigars stay fresh for a long period and help maintain an optimal humidity level.

23. Clean The Home

Clean The Home

If it’s your mum’s 50th birthday, then she might even be elated if you manage the household for the day. Give her a rest day with all the hustle-bustle and take the chores at your helm for the day.

24. Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Grooming Kit

Add a bit to the macho with the beard grooming kit for your loved one who just turned 50. Help them maintain their beard growth with the help of a beard grooming kit on their birthday.

25. A Handwritten Letter

Hand Written Letter

It can’t get more personal than this. Show your love, affection, and care to someone you know closely with the help of a handwritten letter for them. Write a letter to them which is full of emotions and feelings. Trust us, that’s one of the most irreplaceable gifts you can get.

26. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are considered to bring positivity and a good omen. They are widely regarded to have properties that can purify the air and to calm allergies and even reduce asthma.

The studies conducted now suggest that the negative ions released from these Himalayan salt lamps help alleviate stress, depression, and headaches. Moreover, these lamps make amazing decor and add to the entire vibe and feel of the place.

27. Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets tend to work as deep pressure therapy. They have shown very optimistic results when it comes to depression or anxiety. These blankets usually weigh somewhere near 5 to 30 pounds.

Buy them a weighted blanket if you feel they have been suffering from a lot of mental pressure recently. While it might not be enough, it could help keep their spirits high a tad bit.

28. Bed Wedge Pillow

Bed Wedged Pillow

For someone in their fifties, a bed-pillow might be a good gift. The bed wedge pillows help ease back pain that might be propped up due to improper sleeping positions or a sedentary lifestyle.

Sleepers who use wedge pillows at an incline might also find themselves at relief with acid reflux and sleep apnea. It provides the sleeper with a natural neck and shoulder position.

29. Spa Gift Set

Spa Gift Set

A spa gift set for that relaxing time might just be ‘the gift’ they have been thinking about. Gif them the feeling of a spa in the comfort of their homes. A decent spa gift set consists of body lotion, bath salts, loofahs, and much more.

30. Neck Pillow Set

Neck Pillow Set

A neck pillow set or a travel sleep set as many might call it is a perfect gift for all the travellers.

For the frequent travelers, this might be the knight in shining armor. Consisting of a neck pillow, eye mask, and earplugs, this might give them the much-needed respite they need while traveling.

31. Apron for Chefs

Apron For Chefs

For all those kitchen masters, this gift will be something they’d be grateful for. Go and buy an apron for the chefs in them. Add a little quirk by getting their name or something funny inscribed on it.

32. Personalised Shoe Bag

Personalised Shoe Bag

A personalized shoe bag might go well with the people who are always on the move. You can either get their names printed on it or just a print that resonates with them.

33. Handbag

Hand Bag

A handbag can be a very good option for your female loved ones, whether it be anybody. A great handbag is a universal gift that you can give to your mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, colleague, or friend.

34. Cruise Vacation

Cruise Vacation

While a cruise vacation seems like something far-fetched considering the busy schedules, a vacation might just be the best option for them.

Book them for a cruise vacation away from their daily work, which gives them a perfect start, to begin with, their fifties.

35. Spa Weekend

Spa Weekend

A spa retreat or weekend might turn out to be something they were missing out on. Book them a weekend in the nearest spa and let them thank you later.

36. Make Dinner For Them

Make Dinner For Them

A surprise dinner. While it doesn’t have to be something special and exquisite, make sure you surprise them with something they love to eat.

It can even be a good cheesy bowl of macaroni and cheese. It's the effort that counts.

37. Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

This one is for all the nature enthusiasts who are into gardening. Buy them a set of tools that they have been missing in their arsenal of tools or an apron to keep them tidy.

38. Personalised Coaster

Personalised Coaster

A set of personalized coasters. How cool would that be? To have your own set of coasters with your photographs, or quotes, or something you like to say way more often printed on them.

Well, gift your loved ones a set of these coasters, and they will love them every time they have their drink!

39. Multipurpose Credit Card Tool

Multipurpose Credit Card Tool

A multipurpose credit card tool for the ones who love to experiment. This simple yet innovative object serves many purposes at once when used.

Get it for someone who likes to experiment with new stuff. Not only does it fits into your pocket, but it is also light on your pocket as it is quite affordable.

40. Personalised Glasses

Personalised Glasses

How cool would it be to drink from glasses which literally have your name on them? Well, this can be a possibility.

Buy a pair of glasses for someone who loves to drink beer and surprise them with their name or something personal they might relate with written on the glasses.

41. Scratch off Travel Map

Scratch off Travel Map

Do someone you know loves traveling? Or is there someone who’s planning to travel around the globe in their fifties? A scratch-off travel map seems to be the perfect gift for them. How does it work?

Well, it's rather quite simple. Just scratch off the countries already visited and travel to every nook and corner of the world.

42. Shaving Kit

Shaving Kit

This one might just be one of the perfect gifts for your dad. Gift him a shaving kit that consists of all the essentials he may need. A very simple yet completely practical gift.

43. Tech Organizer

Tech Organizer

Don’t you hate it to untangle those earphones or chargers? Well, so do others. Save them the time, and buy them a tech organizer for ll their tech equipment so that they don’t have to worry about their chargers and earphones.

44. Bake a Cake

Bake a Cake

Do you know someone who doesn’t like cakes? (allergies are an exception). Well, even we don’t. So, why don’t bake a cake for them in their favorite flavor? It might take some effort and a lot of hours, but trust us it will completely be worth the effort.

45. Anti-Theft Leather Wallet (RFID Blocking Wallet)

Anti-Theft Leather Wallet (RFID Blocking Wallet)

An anti-theft wallet usually consists of an RFID blocking chip. An RFID chip is something that’s installed in your credit cards, metro cards, etc. These tags consist of all the information pertaining to you.

An RFID tag wallet helps by blocking the radio waves from an RFID reader, which might read off all that information from your wallet. There have also been incidents where people have gotten their cards scanned from their pockets. Learn more about RFIID blocking wallets and how do they work.

Buy your loved ones a wallet containing an RFID blocking chip and keep them at bay from the scammers.

46. Shoe Shining Kit

Shoe Shining Kit

It is a psychological fact that most people tend to look at your shoes first when they meet you. So, why not get them something to complement that?

Help them keep their best and shiny foot forward. Gift them a shoe-shining kit that isn't just practical but also keeps them at the front of their game.

47. Car Seat Gap Filler

Car Seat Gap Filler

A car gap seat filler might not have an emotional quotient attached to it, but it surely owns a lot of practicality. A car seat gap filler helps you fill the gap (obviously?) between your car seat and the door. This prevents the smaller objects such as your mobile phones, keys, etc from going under the seats and getting lost, hence, saving you the effort.

48. Wine Decanter

Wine Decanter

A wine decanter might be like a blessing for all wine enthusiasts. A decanter basically serves two purposes, to remove the sediments and to aerate the wine. Get a wine decanter for your loved ones and help them enjoy a glass of freshly poured wine.

49. Smartphone


A smartphone. Yes.
It is practical, thoughtful, costs a decent amount of money, and the person you are gifting it to might hug you out of happiness. A smartphone might be the most simple yet effective gifting idea.

50. Bonsai Plant

Bonsai Plant

A bonsai plant symbolizes a lot of things. The word Bon-sai in Japanese means ‘planted in a container. The entire idea of planting bonsai plants is to create a miniature version of nature in a plant.
A bonsai plant reflects prosperity, peace, harmony, and order of thought. Why not gift something with such a deep meaning to someone you love? Go and gift one to them.

51. Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine

Do someone you know is turning 50? Do they love coffee? Perfect. We might have just exactly what you want. An espresso machine. It might just be 'the gift' they have been looking for.

52. Nicotine Patch

Nicotine Patch

Many people turning 50 tend to kick the butt. So, if someone you know is mulling over doing so, then go a step ahead and gift them nicotine patches for their journey of quitting cigarettes. Nicotine patches turn out to be one of the most effective quitting cigarettes.

53. Foot Massager

Foot Massager

A much-needed relief after a tiring day. That’s what you will gift your loved ones when you give them a foot massager. Go ahead and buy one for your 50-something parents or friends.

54. Watch Box

Watch Box

People usually tend to grow fond of their watches. Why not help them flaunt their fondness in the shape of a watch box. A wooden watch box that keeps all their watches in the right order and in a classic style.

55. Travel Mug

Travel Mug

A travel mug, for one, should enjoy their coffee or tea without being guilty of getting late. Get them a travel mug that lets them sip their coffee while they are on their move.

56. Air Fryer

Air Fryer

The fifties is a tricky age. While at one place you need to start looking out for yourself at 50, on the other hand, you want to live your life to the fullest.

An air fryer might be the perfect gift for someone who just turned 50 and is a big-time foodie. They can finally gorge on their favorites while not feeling guilty about the extra oil.

57. Cosy Throw Blankets

Cosy Throw Blankets

This one is for when you are tired and are on the move. A cozy throw blanket might just come to your rescue. A throw blanket is something that people usually get attached to over a period of time. Gift them the intimacy and comfort of a soft and cozy throw blanket.

58. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils work magically well. Oil diffusers tend to have several therapeutic health benefits which help with stress relief, better sleep and more.

Apart from that, an oil diffuser also helps with mosquitoes, molds, and more. So, go ahead and give them a therapeutic gift.

59. Dyson Vacuums

Dyson Vacuums

Okay, we agree. This might not be romantic or emotional, but it surely is thoughtful. You want your loved ones to be easy on themselves, hence a Dyson vacuum.
A Dyson vacuum might make it easier for them to do their day-to-day work. So, don't think twice and go ahead and buy it today.

60. Luggage Set

Luggage Set

A luggage set might seem like a basic option but trust us, it’s one of the most practical choices to go with for a gift. If the person you are gifting it to is a frequent traveler and is usually on the move, a luggage set might make their day,

61. Leather Passport Cover

Leather Passport Cover

A leather passport cover might sit well with the people who travel a lot and like to do it in style. A leather passport cover will add to their character. Want to go a step further?
You can get the leather passport cover personalized by getting their name or initials imprinted on the cover.

62. Amazon Giftcards

Amazon Giftcards

This is one of the most suitable gifts for the ones who have a diverse and a hard to decipher choice. Go get them an Amazon gift card which might even make them much happier than buying something else which they eventually might not like.

63. Garden Equipment

Garden Equipment

This one is for all those who want to take up a hobby in their 50s. A study conducted in 2006 found that gardening could actually lower the risk of dementia by 36 percent. Apart from that, gardening has many more benefits which you might want for your loved ones.
Gardening makes the gardeners happy as it releases chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, considered to be feel-good hormones.
So, go and get them started on that gardening hobby that they have been waiting for a long time to begin.

64. Wine & Cheese Gift Set

Wine & Cheese Gift Set

A study recently found that cheese and wine do actually taste better together. This one is for all the connoisseurs out there. Get them a wine and cheese gift set for all the food enthusiasts.

65. Sunglasses


Let them throw some shade. Give them a pair of sunglasses which they can flaunt in style. Choose a frame that usually goes with their style and get a power lens in case they use it.

66. Luxury Shaving Kit

Luxury Shaving Kit

Practicality and pompousness in one.
While you might have gifted them a shaving kit, go ahead and buy them a luxury one that consists of shaving balms, exquisite aftershaves, premium razors, and more.
You can go a step ahead and even buy a grooming kit that consists of the nose and ear hair trimmer and more.

67. Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are supposed to be luxurious and elegant as per the perception that sits around them. Gift them a set of wine glasses for their 50th birthday.

68. Personalised Spectacles/Lens Cases

Personalised SpectaclesLens Cases

Spectacle or lens cases are one important thing for all glass wearers. Why not make them more interesting? Get a quirky or fun little lense/ spectacle case for them and make them smile every time they wear it.

69. Golf Kit

Golf Kit

Make the golfer in them rejoice again with a golf kit, Make sure they brush up their skills before they go for a golf session with their mates.

70. Bicycle


A bicycle is supposed to be fun and also helps the person stay healthy at the same time. Gift them a bicycle on their 50th birthday which will keep them in shape and might just work out as a new hobby for them.

71. Exercising Equipment

Exercising Equipment

Adding to the list of exercise materials, is exercising equipment. A pair of dumbells and a few weight plates might give them a boost to start with their weight training sessions and stay fit for the long road ahead!

72. Recliner


Mentioning a recliner might sound ironical after mentioning exercising equipment just above. But, we believe that rest and relaxation are equally imperative. So, make them relax in style and comfort.

Get them a recliner for their living room which they can eventually grow fond of (not too much, though).

73. Personalized Coffee Mug

Personalised Coffee Mug

A personalized coffee mug might seem a bit cliche as a gift but on the positive side, it's also one of the most tried and tested gifts for a very long time. Get it personalized with their photograph printed on the mug, or their initials imprinted on it.

74. Leather Toiletry Bag

Leather Toiletry Bag

Make sure that your 50-year-olds stay stylish and organized when they move around. Gift them a leather toiletry bag. Want to make it a tad more special? You can get it personalized by getting their names or initials embedded into it.

75. A Day

A Day

Sounds weird? Well, it isn’t. If someone you know just turned 50, then the least, as well as the most you can do from your end, is to spare a day of your time and be there for them. Sit with them and hear them out. And trust on this, they will love you for that.

Make sure that their 50th birthday will be something they will remember for a long time. It's not just the gift but the personal touch and affection that makes the entire process a lot better.

Adding a personal touch to one's gift might not seem like a big task, but it sure makes your gift a lot more special. That is where we come in to make your gifts much more personal.

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